How is this achieved?

  • Hi there

    Im looking at one of the brushes SmithMicro offer.

    I wonder how it was achieved that the outer of the storke is darker than the inner. It seams not to be due to "Border of watercolor". In the lower brushstroke the darkening seams to kick in with some pressure sensitivity.



  • Salutations! Mic Mac
    Bit of a late answer here, I think my dimension has a slight lag.

    Here are a couple of similar brushes ( and they don't cost 50 bux) , you can download it at my interdimensional clip paint portal at as well as a bunch of other stuff.
    If you have already got the pack then you can download again and the new brush will be in there.
    0_1513174051797_Blot Wash SQ.png

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  • Exciting Yogg!

    I have archived my download link from the purchase, but I get a 404: No result found.


  • Hi MicMAc...
    there was something wrong with my server last night... and the new upload was just not getting through.
    I believe my host is migrating behind the scenes... maybe that caused the upload problem...
    Anyway, it's working now , just fine.

    I hope you liked the brushes, they are not just one plot scans , the first uses some excruciating tweeks to the water colour edge ( I think that feature could do with some reworking) and the other uses multiple brush tips. Both use textures to them natural and spontaneous. Be sure to use pressure variation to get the most out of these. :)

    Oh and look for them in the ' spill' catagory.
    Here is a guide for installing.

    And seriously, don't feed that octopus.

  • Thanks Yogg

    Everything worked perfectly.

    Great update to a great package. All brushes are well crafted with an eye to detail.

    I can recommend it to all users of CSP!