fitting clothes to S4

  • Ok is there some magic to it? It seems that almost none of my V4 clothes (or hair) fit Stephanie 4. what do you folks do?

  • Just had a quick try in case anything had changed in Poser since I last tried. If you make sure match scales is checked and copy the stephanie body morph to the clothing it seems to fit ok. I only tried with the courageous pants but I've done the same with other items. And conforming hair seems to fit again provided match scales is checked.

  • Basically S4 is just a heavily morphed and scaled V4.

    • SO you need the Stephanie4 morphs in the clothing to begin with. NOTE: You only need these, Morphs++ aren't necessary!

    • Then you also must match the scaling (e.g. the body scale of S4 is 90% of V4 and the arms, legs and head are scaled too.

    It's actually quite a long list of dials involved. To begin with, go to BODY -> Morphs|Shapes -> Stephanie4 -> Full Body: The Dial "Stephanie4 (Body)" is set to 1.000.
    Click "Edit Dependencies" to see the full list of morphs and dials controlled by it. Mostly it's the "FBMS4Stephanie4" and "FHMS4Stephanie4" involved, but I don't know whether even more controls are involved in the individual body parts.

    But at least you get an idea what should be in the clothing to fit, and the rest is trial & error, or using the Morph Brush.

    The scaling is controlled in the body too: BODY -> Morphs|Shapes -> Stephanie4 -> Proportions:
    The Dial "Petite" is set to 1.000 and controls the scales. Check this one's dependencies too to find out which body parts are subject to scaling.

    • If you're using S4 more often it might be worth the while to create a "specimen" figure with only the morphs needed for S4 (e.g. the FBMs), so that you can copy them into the clothing without having to wade through endless lists of other morphs each time.

    • And write a pose file too which will inject the scaling into the clothing with one click.


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    In P11 (and i think P10 too) you can set the include scaling in the body properties of the conforming cloth to have the scales correct. This works almost always correct (*)
    If you use the morphs of S4 you indeed need to copy the morphs in the clothing .

    (*) In some cases the vendor does include the scaling morphs for S4 in the clothing, in that case you should NOT turn it on.
    And if you use Sasha with S4 morphs, you should not turn it on either.

  • @j.naylor73 Thank you! That worked. I had forgotten about the copy morph feature.

  • When S4 first came out, her scaling caused massive crushing in the breast area in particular, so most vendors didn't mess with S4 morphs at all in clothing. Just too much work to be worthwhile.

    This is Fabiana's Baire's Liberty and Alanis hair. I used the universal prop of the hair with no problem.

    The clothing I just did Copy Morphs From and added the Stephanie FBM to the clothing, checking include Morphs and Scales on the parameters tab under When Conforming. There was minor pokethrough that I just fixed with the morph brush. You can still see a trace of the chest crushing, but I left it instead of using the smooth morph brush.


  • Thanks for the clarification Wim!

    In fact, I rather prefer to keep scaling under my control (which isn't the case when I use "Include Scaling".
    Because ever so often I can fix pokethroughs and rigging deficiencies by just change the scales of body parts (think of feet!) just a tad to get what I want.

    @wimvdb said in fitting clothes to S4:

    And if you use Sasha with S4 morphs, you should not turn it on either.

    Of course not, because SASHA has the original S4 "Scaling" master dials which aren't (strictly speaking) "scale" dials, but only control other dials which set the scales.
    So using "Include scales" would effectively double the scaling offsets, which is bollocks of course.

    However, since when I last looked Poser won't copy any "Master Dials" not controlling actual morph channels, this is a very difficult topic. (remember I'm still on PP2014).

    So going the manual way of setting the scaling is "fail-safe" way, no matter what Poser version you run.