Wheat Field Brush?

  • This is a ways off in the web comic I really focus my artistic efforts on. A wheat field which I have to have a battle / action scene of sorts happen for one character. I enjoy the plant blushes which come with the software by default and I have even purchased a brush pack which had over 100 new ones to add in, but none of the added brushes looked like tall wheat-like grass. If for a fact such a brush pack exists with this brush please tell me of it. Or if anyone here has made a brush which fits this description, please link me to it.

  • I don't know of any wheat brushes but it may not be a bad idea to take a crack at making one on your own. Simply Duplicate a Grass pattern brush and name it Wheat. Then open a new canvas around 1300 X 1300 pixels and draw some wheat. You could go to Materials>Image Materials>Brush and pull one of the blades of grass images onto the canvas to see how they made it and just do the same for the wheat. Do three or more wheat images. With each image, once done, go to Edit>Register Image as Material and place it in the Image Material>Brush folder. Then open up the sub tool detail palette of the duplicated grass pattern brush (now named Wheat) and go to Brush Tip. You'll see all of the grass blade images in there. Replace those images with your own images of the Wheat.

  • If I get desperate about this, I'm going to follow through with your advice. Given I've never made a brush or material before & I don't have high confidence in my ability to do this.

  • @systemcat Go have a look at the Clip Studio Paint Materials page. There might be something there you could use.

  • @laura.seabrook Sweet resource page! But I didn't see a fitting brush. Saw a few other brushes I want to install, but plants looked a little rare there outside flowers.