Motion blur in single image with moving camera blurs the wrong objects (SuperFly)

  • The setup: I put a person in a car on a street and want to have the street blurred and my driver (and car) in focus. I parent my main camera to the person, parent the person to the car and move the car from frame 1 to frame 30. Looks awful nice in the animation preview.

    But when I create a raytrace preview my car and driver are blurred instead of the road! This also happens when I use the dolly camera instead or when I don't parent the camera but move it with the car by changing the X value from frame 1 to 30. All looks fine in the animation play and frame single steps, but the render keeps blurring the moving objects, although the camera is moving along with them. I also tried rendering frame 29, in case frame 30 is somehow blurred in between frames 30 and 1 - same effect.

    I finally gave up, fixed driver, car and camera in position and let the road and background move. VoilĂ : perfect motion blur just like I want it.

    But what did I do wrong? Can it be that motion blur always blurs moving objects, regardless of the camera movement?

  • @oldenburg Ooh that's an interesting conundrum. Given the complexity of calculating a moving camera's position relative to other moving objects, even if parented, I would not be at all surprised if the answer to your final question was yes, although that would make large scale motion through terrains (something I guess Poser is not really designed for) problematic. It would interesting to import the original animation into 3DS Max and see how that handles motion blur in that situation.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @oldenburg You're right. That sucks. Sometimes it would be easier than having to move the terrain all the time. In this set-up Firefly does the motion blur just fine. Most weird.

  • @oldenburg I would report that as a bug. I also wonder if this same thing happens in Blender.