Mac OS X High Sierra

  • Hi,

    I'm running poser 11 Pro on a mac.

    Just wondering if anyone here might know if aliases are working OK with High Sierra and Poser.

    Am scared to update unless they are as I use them a lot for my favourites.



  • @LostAlien I'm not familiar with a poser alias feature. Are you referring to the Mac file links? I don't see any reason why these wouldn't work, but have not specifically tested these.

  • @ctrl-shift

    Hi, You know the favourites tab - These are all shortcuts that you can create using poser or you can edit and create folders manually and copy and paste shortcuts.

    It allows you to organise the poser files as you need, rather than how they automatically install as this was never really standardised and has evolved into a bit of a mess really.

    So every time I install something new, I make sure that I find where the components were actually installed and then put it where I need it in my favourites.

    That way I can find them.

    But these are all shortcut as they are very small and link to the actual files. So if an update happens, the links are all still ok.

    On mac, they call links an alias.

    So I was wondering if this is all working happily in High Sierra because I have over 21,000 aliases and don't want to have to rebuild them all again as it took a lot of effort in the first place - But now it's done, it is easy to maintain.

    I hope it works, but am too scared to update until I am sure.


  • @LostAlien I will have to reboot to my test High Sierra drive, but I don't remember seeing a problem with that when I ran Poser from it's original installation location on the macOS Sierra boot drive after booting in High Sierra. Of course, Finder never had any problems with Aliases vs Unix style soft links, as Aliases were a Finder feature. I still encounter problems in Terminal navigating Folder Aliases and had to resort to AppleScript utilities to translate the aliases into their actual destination folder paths so shell scripts can navigate folder hierarchies containing Finder Aliases.

  • @LostAlien I'm posting this while booted in High Sierra. Poser Pro 11 is running from it's installation on the macOS Sierra drive (which I haven't taken the risk of upgrading yet) I can see no problems with the Favourites aliases. They appear to be identical to what I was just looking at while booted in Sierra.

    After all is said and done, High Sierra is still Unix under the hood. The Finder is still the UI File manager and none of it's Sierra features seem to have been disabled, so far.

    I haven't dabbled in APFS formatted drives, yet, as the High Sierra installers only support its use on SSD media, so far. The spare drive I had on hand (that I was prepared to toast in the attempt) was Firewire spindle media, so the High Sierra installer wouldn't let me format it as APFS and then install itself, so I had to leave it as HFS journaled, case-insensitive.

    When I can scrape together enough cash for a larger SSD (and self installation kit) for my iMac I may clone the smaller onto the larger and let High Sierra do an in place upgrade and APFS reformat on the new drive, knowing I have the old one to fall back on. I've allowed enough automatic upgrades to deny me the use of mission critical applications and tools that Apple (and now Mozilla) have burnt out my trust.