Cloth Room Question

  • @tsanders
    @Miss-B is correct there. Poser is made for contant application and not for content creation.
    If you are very creative you could use the hi-res square to make a poncho ( use remove polygons in the group editor to make an opening for the head) or the torus to make a neck coil, but that's it.
    PhilC had a tool to make cuts without the limitations of existing facet edges.

    If you need cloth room ready geometries to play with take a look at my Antonia's wardrobe here on Content Paradise. They can be used for other figures also. Just pose your figure inside the garment and start sim from that pose.

    Marvelous Designer offers a 4 weeks free trial without payment. That should be long enough to try your hand. If you need MD models to crack off with let me know. Blender comes without payment and is pretty capable but has a steep learning curve. Wings3D is another free tool to create gaement models.

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    Do not pass Go, do not collect $200, go directly to Blender ( ) and grab it. Blender is thee super and amazing and FREE 3D creation tool. Because it is wildly popular with half a million downloads a month, users have created a billion (no really!...I've counted them) mostly excellent free tutorials. There are also numerous tutorials for creating clothes and props for use in Poser. If you're new to the Poserverse (as we like to call it) you have a lot to learn. Go slow and pick it up one bit at a time. I believe that the folks over at Hivewire have a forum specifically for people making stuff ( ).
    You're going to have to learn about basic modelling, topology, rigging and morphs, then materials and textures. It's a lot to learn but very rewarding in the end.

    Oh out for fans of Marvelous Designer, it's stupid crazy expensive and has a host of problems.

  • Thank you all. I did buy the video tutorials for Poser 11 (I don't have pro) and they didn't cover the material room. I looked at the manual and since I don't know all the technical words just yet I was confused about how the cloth room works lol. I am brand new to the poserverse. I think I have had the program for only 3-4 days now.

  • Play with it first, and don't be afraid to make mistakes. Tutorials are nice, because they will show you how to get things working, but I've always found that they are not the 'only' way to achieve the results. Experiment. Plus, Poser has a lot of content already installed. Modeling clothing takes time to learn. You won't be able to open a program like Blender and just start making clothing. Especially Blender. It has a steep learning curve. There are other programs out there that you can learn without spending a lot of money. Blender is open source so it's free. Look at Wings 3D, which is also free, and while it is limited in certain aspects, there are people out there who have actually created figures with it.

  • These are free to use:
    They will give you something to play with for both dynamics and practice on rigging.

  • You can try wings3d it is a great tool.

  • @tsanders I also suggest you watch the renderosity tutorial videos by Mark Bremmer. I think they cover several versions of Poser, so you may even be able to find the version you have. Added benefit of if you miss something , or even think you did , you can rewind it and watch that part again... and again... and again.

  • @tsanders said in Cloth Room Question:

    Am I able to create original clothing designs with the poser program or will I need a different program for that?

    If I can create original designs how do I do that? I have looked online before posting here saw a couple tutorial guides for sale but I don't currently have the extra money to pay for them.

    The path of lowest pain is to modify existing designs to your preference. There are a lot of free clothes at Renderosity and Content Paradise; once you have a base clothing, whether conforming or dynamic, it doesn't matter, you can either use Poser's Morph Tool to modify the cloth (it's awesome, you can really do a lot of things with it) or you can export the cloth as a mesh and modify it with Blender, which is free and has a lot of power.

    Then you take that mesh and use it as a dynamic cloth, or change it to confirming with the Fitting Room (which is also awesome).

  • I actually bought a 100 sheet 2-subject notebook today so I could write down keyboard commands along with other needed notes for Poser and Blender so I won't have to switch between windows all the time or try to track down a small part of one video.

  • @tsanders If you look in the Documentation folder in the P11 Content folder, open the P11 Quick Reference Card.pdf and the last page has all the keyboard shortcuts for you. Just print out the last page.

  • @tsanders There's actually a Blender "cheat Sheet" somewhere out there with keyboard shortcuts for Blender. You may be able to google it and find it.