Basic delete / clear question

  • When I select and area and hit the back space to clear, it won't clear the area. I'm not sure where I can find the short cut modification and to which setting I need to alter it to.

    Also when I get the size of an object scaled to the desired settings and hit enter, the transform preview boundaries don't go away. I have to click a tool or a layer option before getting a prompt asking me if that I wanted to commit to that tranformation (which is pretty annoying after a while). How can I circumvent this?

    Thanks so much guys!!

  • @bayridgeartist

    Use the Delete key instead of backspace.

    Press the Enter key when done with all transformations.

    Note that transformations on raster layers are technically destructive (but just a little bit). So as a rule-of-thumb try to get as many of the transformations that you need done... done in one commit; rather than in several consecutive ones.

  • Thank you @mechanaut - often the return key wont' release the transformation - has anyone had that issue before?

    Thanks again!!

  • @mechanaut ![alt text](0_1507062494833_Screenshot 2017-10-03 16.27.30.png image url)
    So this is where I have set settings to "DEL" but when I try to hit the del button after making a selection with a marquee tool, it won't delete. I found out that I need to hit the command opt button at the same time. Wondering what I'm doing wrong.