Help/tutorial on halftone gradients

  • Hello, I am trying to make a halftone gradient effect conform with a specific form. For example, a heart where the halftone gradient runs along the shape of the heart. How do i make the gradient conform to a specific shape?

  • I draw the shape ( in this case a heart) and then select the inside of the shape using the magic wand. I then go to Edit>Outline selection and tell it to draw a thick line ( 50 pixels ? ) on the inside of my selection (first picture). Now ( with the selection still in place) I go to Filter>Gaussian Blur and blur it. If after blur it is too light in color then just duplicate the layer and merge the two layers. Now go to the Layer Property palette and in the Effect control select the tone that you want it displayed in ... done ( picture 3 ) everything after the magic wand could be recorded as an action so that in future you can do the whole thing with one click. Of course you can then use cuts and textures etc. on that layer to really tart it up ( picture 4) . Hope that helps.
    0_1507279471902_tone heart.jpg

  • @888toto Ah, okay. Thank you so much for the very, very detailed instructions. Much appreciated