Poser Utility Wishlist

  • We always do wishlists for new features in Poser, which are usually ignored by SM. So let's try this. What add-on or utility would you like to see someone create to make whatever you do in Poser easier?

    I mentioned this one this morning. I'd like to see a utility for Poser that would allow us to create, save and apply settings for Poser's Hair Room, Cloth Room and Bullet Physics.

  • I'd like an "isolate figure" button that instantly hides/shows all figures but the selected one.

  • These don't go unnoticed. :) We send wishlists and suggestions to the product team regularly.

    Looking forward to seeing what's on this list.

  • @anniespewak That's good to hear Annie. I, personally, would love to see items listed in the Hierarchy Editor chart completely collapsed by default instead of the current fully expanded mode, but if that's not possible, I would love a button/link to collapse them all in one shot. That would be a HUGE time saver for me.

  • I completely support the suggestions posted so far. The underlying principle is making it easy to quickly focus on a specific task.

    Regarding the "isolate figure" button, it would be nice if there were two modes: "isolate selection" that only showed what was selected, and "isolate selection and attachments" that showed the selected item and anything parented to it or that it was parented to.

  • @eclark1849
    "I'd like to see a utility for Poser that would allow us to create, save and apply settings for Poser's Hair Room, Cloth Room and Bullet Physics."
    What you said. Its ridiculous setting up cloth simulations over and over again for the same dynamic clothing. I think the settings should be able to be stored in the clothes actually, or in a sidecar file of some sort attached to the clothes.

  • A quick and easy on-board utility function that allows one to reset/zero a host of different things with objects/figures. For instance:

    Recenter figure/object center (xyz) relative to the stage, not its original origin coordinates. Or, perhaps, recent a figure/object's origin so that it can be saved with a new center reading at 0/0/0.

    A rescaler, allowing selection of groups to rescale to zero, at the very least.

    An easy "zero morph group" morph zero script that reads the different morph groups in a figure/object and lists them as selectable, so an entire group of morphs can be zeroed without the chance of effecting other groups.

    A script that allows the selection of an object/figure geometric "face" and will then move that object/figure to collide with the selected face of another object/figure. IOW: Something that will work similar to "Drop Figure to Floor" command, but will instead "Move object/figure to collide with object/figure" based on object face selection. Rotation of the figure/object is not necessary, just the "move to" function. The user can fine-tune rotations separately if it would be too difficult to do automagically. (Ex: To move a sphere to touch a cube at a certain point on both objects, the user selects a face on the sphere and a face on the cube and initiates the action. The sphere moves to collide with the cube at that point. The user can rotate/reposition the sphere, slightly, to make the contact more realistic, as the script may only act on x/y/z coordinates to move objects/figures. For figures, the use of IK chains might be desirable, to give more realistic movements based on them. That may be too complicated an operation, I wouldn't know.)

    There have been a number of free scripts out there that do all of these things. But, they always end up being orphaned and/or buggy with newer releases, just like most Python scripts.

  • @eclark1849 said in Poser Utility Wishlist:

    I'd like to see a utility for Poser that would allow us to create, save and apply settings for Poser's [...] Cloth Room [...].

    @amethystpendant made a utility that does that. It includes PhilC's cloth presets, and also the ability to save your own. Here's a quote from the thread that has the details:

    @amethystpendant said in EZCloth Settings:

    Okay, EZCloth Settings RC1 is ready for release!

    I use it all the time - one less niggle to worry about. :)

  • @englishbob Found it Bob, thanks. Would be nice if it were a multiple utility and worked with the Haair

    Room and Bullet Physics too. Think she'd mind if I listed it in my directory under utilities?

  • @eclark1849 said in Poser Utility Wishlist:

    Think she'd mind if I listed it in my directory under utilities?

    I wouldn't have thought so! That thread is six months old and well buried by now.

  • @Miss-B I'd like the hierarchy (and parenting dialogues) to remember how it was the last time it was opened in a scene.

  • Also, I am STUNNED that there is still no align/distribute feature/script/utility in Poser.

  • @matb That would work for re-opening a scene you're still working on. What I was suggesting was for opening Poser, and starting to set up a brand new scene. In that instance, I would like a fully collapsed Hierarchy Editor chart to start with, as you add items to the scene.

  • An equilateral (360 degrees) camera.

  • I would be happy with a "atmosphere only" in Firefly simular to z-depth. And "z-depth" ant the "atmosphere only" should work with transparent maps. Now z-depth ignore transparency

  • Less a utility than a feature request, I wish for a way to optionally define a valueParm or targetGeom parameter as displaying its value in Poser's selected display units. So the value saved to the library is still all in Poser Native Units, but the value displayed in the parameter palette for such parameters is in metres or feet or whatever the user has selected in preferences, as is already done with translation parameters.