Can't load saved expressions to G2M DSON imported figure.

  • Hello

    I tried to save face expressions to the library. That seams to work, but I can't reload it to a figure (G2M DSON imported). There is just no reaction. Also if I tried to drag and drop to the figure. The yellow bar shows "aplly to the face of..." but nothing happens.

    Is this not possible, a bug, or does anybody know a trick?

  • @joker can you load expressions using D3D's DSONLoader to import them from the DAZ runtime?

  • @anomalaus said in Can't load saved expressions to G2M DSON imported figure.:


    I'm not sure what you mean exactly. But I can load the expressions I bought by DAZ with the DSON import loader for the G2M figures. Only my own saved expressions I can't load.

  • @joker can you share one of the saved poser .fc2 expression files? It may either be that the save is failing or the load process. Having a look at the file should show that.

  • @anomalaus

    yes. thank you :-)
    [0_1507228345489_temp.fc2](Uploading 100%)

    I can not upload files here (no enough privilegs)

    here is DropBox link to download 2 files

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  • @ghostship Thank you. But I still can't upload files

  • @joker Yeah, I should have fixed that. Ok, now you have 12 rep. Try to upload the file now.

  • @ghostship

    [0_1507311147482_Smile meri.fc2](Uploading 100%)

    I have still not enough privilegs :-/

  • @anomalaus

    I take a look to my own saved expression fc2-files and the files I bought by DAZ

    I see the difference. the fc2 files from DAZ run a py file with this comand line:

    number 9
    runPythonScript ""

    and in this py file is this command line:

    import dson.dzdsonimporter
    dson.dzdsonimporter.loadCompanionDSONFile( sys.argv[0] );

    while my own saved files look much different. there are all the head configurations in the file directly.

    It seams that can't work with G2M for DSON importer.

    Or does somebody know a way to do this?

  • @joker yes, your files appear to be perfectly normal expression files for Poser. The script is telling DSONImporter to load the file...

    Ah! I have the answer. Poser expression files explicitly save the head and child actors of the head's morphs and transforms. If you have dialled in expressions on the Body actor of the figure, Poser's default .fc2 expression saving mechanism will not include the Body morphs at all!

    If, instead, you go to the head actor, you won't see any expression parameters as they're all hidden, because DAZ expects you to dial them in from the Body. So you choose Show hidden parameters from the parameters palette dropdown menu, and dial in an expression, and...

    It still doesn't work, because the whole figure defaults to MasterSync parameters and dialing head morphs actually just dials in the master on the Body.

    So! either turn off masterSync for this figure at the body level, or turn off masterSync for individual parameters on the head, or,

    just go back to dialing in expressions on the Body and forget about using Poser's face library and expressions for DSON loaded figures. Just use ordinary poses. You can select a subset of actors to save (make sure to include the Body actor) and don't forget to check "Morphs Channels" and "Body Transforms" in the additional information dialog.

    0_1507380735674_Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 11.51.50 pm.png

  • @anomalaus Thank you very much!

    I don't understand every variant at this moment, but I will try and find how wich ones work for me..

    And the other thing with the py file script, I find out how I can import all expressions, poses and clothes for G2M wich was not delivered with DSON import files for Poser :-)