Genesis 8 too poor in polygons ?

  • I just want to bring up the fact that the number of polygons will probably affect the authenticity of a face. And it's mostly remarkable when you starts to produce different characters, and you see that it's difficult to deviat from characteristics of the base figure face.

    So that between G2 to G8. While the figures get her load of useful updates with evolution, the fact that the number of polygons get lower between G2 -> G8 is visible among the commercial characters you can find around.

    It's just my constatation while "browsing" these characters.

    While DAZ3D tried to keep the number of polygons high enough on G8 to create diversity, i still find that you can see the difference in term of authenticity, versatility on the different characters based on her compared to G2. (G2 being more versatile and authentic).

    That is my impression, am i really the only one to see that ?

  • @masterstroke said in Genesis 8 too poor in polygons ?:

    It's funny though, I was never good with G1 and G2. None of their character sets ever looked alive to me. That's why I prefered Poser figures in pre-G3 times.

    Ok so you feel that G1 - G2 were not convincing, but for example when i look at G2 Monique characters, for me they look very convincing.

    i wonder where is the limit in term of polygons for the "convincing" look alive aspect of a face. I think we can't say there's no 'limit'. Seeing Vitters SubD Tricks and Poser crease angle, we all agree that number of polygons play.

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    Oh, if you want to separate "character" from obj file figure?
    The difference is 80% in the texture, not in the obj file , or polygon count.
    Total "character" is a combination of the morph PLUS the texture.

  • @barnardino hard to tell, for I don't have Monique. I just don't see any reason to judge a figure on its polygon count. Subdivisions and HD morphs are working well on those figures. A clever JCM set up makes G3+ figures bend much better than Up to G2 figures. It for sure takes more than a high number of polygons to make a convincing character. BTW: most of the fewer amount of polygons on G8 compared to G3 are told to be in her mouth. 😉

  • Ok, you seems all 2 not convinced about my arguments, so i'm probably wrong ...

    @masterstroke I didn't know where were the difference in polycounts on G8 versus G3. Now if it's only in her mouth. Probably the fact that G8 "just" went out produce this impression on me. Some characters further i will be more convinced.

    I admit there are very convincing G3 characters, but ther are a lot of them where i see V7 in the eyes ! :)

  • @barnardino I agree on the lack of diversty. It seems worse on G8 females. Let's see. G8 is young and maybe they can break the usual pattern.

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    You write :
    ""but there are a lot of them where i see V7 in the eyes ! :)""

    Eyes are always more or less the same balls geometry....
    => The only difference being the textures on them.
    => What you see, and what you render??
    => Is textures.

    The mesh is only the coathanger to hang the texture on.

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    @barnardino No, the Poly-counts are okay for Genesis 8. I have a few "basic's like V8, Olympia, Teens8 , Michael 8". They render in DS just fine. The lack of unique character morphs what is missing here. They all look the same. But this is not Genesis 8 fault. It is because the vendors are out of ideas i guess.

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    Yes and no my dear.

    There are so many V4 face morphs, and so many V4 textures out there, but even from a distance one can still clearly see that it's V4. (I take this example because, well, V4 is the most popular Poser figure after all.

    Why? Because there are so few FBM. She's always retained her major body proportions. Few "character" creators create a FBM and the accompanying texture that substantially changes the general shape from head to toe.

    The next question is "why"? => Props and clothing also require the same complete make over and that can become very-very time consuming.

    The same goes for all new figures. => As soon as they become available, content creators start building face morphs, textures, clothing, all around the "default base mesh". Everybody works with the same ingredient.

    • V4 will always be V4.
    • Roxie will always be Roxie.
    • The "G"s, will always be "the G's.
      Ok, there are a few adventures out there, but they are few and far between.

    From the many thousands of V4 morphs? Can you count to 10 for an old lady in her 50-60-70 "s?
    With the accompanying FBM? Shrunk, bend back and neck, crumbled fingers and all?

    Just try to find a 40 year old, that had some children and gained 30 pounds in the process?
    Not even mentioning the lack of races? All are the same European 2 meter tall supermodels on a diet. LOL.

    If you deviate from the main course, you are pretty much on your own. => Less sales, less profit.
    End of story.

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    @vilters Tony not always. Look Anagord. She has some really badass morphs for the Genesis line and V4. Or Braham.
    Or in the past Syyd . And they do sell good.