Getting TurboCAD 3D drawings into Poser

  • I am new to Poser and 3D CAD. In Turbo CAD I have created some models that I would like to use as props in Poser 11. I have no idea how to do that.

    Do I export them from TurboCAD? How do I get them into Poser?

    So far, I only see instructions for downloading 3D content from other authors. I see nothing about getting my own 3D content into Poser.

    Please note: I have never imported ANY content into Poser. I have only had the software for a month.

  • @auntiebo

    Does Turbo-Cad offer export to Colada format? If so, I believe Poser can import that—though I've not tried it myself.

  • Check the turbocad documentation.

    I see collada and .obj. Obj import is most reliable.

    When using .obj keep in mind that Poser uses uniuts of 8 or 8.6 foot, so use a corresponding scale, say 40% if your file is in meters 0.4% if in cm, 12.5% if in feet, etc.

  • Its been a while, but I used to craft complex architectural features and modules in TurboCAD, then export them as 3DS to both FloorPlan3D and Poser4.

    Word of warning: Basic 3D Booleans in eg TC Deluxe 2D/3D may still have the bizarre bug which caused repeatedly edited objects to randomly 'lock up' against further editing. This was a real nuisance when cutting doorways & windows from walls, grooving panels to seem planked or creating complex 'soldier brick' arches. It was in TC 9 and still there in TC 20, as it could not be patched due to legacy contractual issues.

    All 'Pro' versions have an alternate 'model engine' not subject to this horror. IIRC, some affordable student licences are available...

    As I no longer use FP, I'd go with OBJ format.