In addition to Poser what other software does everyone use?

  • I use Poser Pro 11 and Paintshop Pro for post work. For writing, I use Word and Grammarly. For modeling I use Blender. And for texture making, I use PSP and Stitchwitch.

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    I've used a lot of apps while making stuff for Poser; started learning Silo then Zbrush about 6 years ago. Since then I've also used Modo Indie, Mari Indie, Substance Indie (Painter, Designer, B2M), Photoshop, Lightroom, UV Layout Pro, Ultimate Unwrap 3D, World Machine Standard, PTGui, PixPlant, Notepad++, Filter Forge, Poser File Editor, Knald, Photomatix, Topogun & xNormal.

  • I did go a head and download the free version of Unity and I'm also playing around a program called Valentina that is based around clothing design. Is DazStudio any good and how much does it cost? I know I have seen it brought up when looking for information about poser.

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    • PoserPro11
    • Blender => Blender replaced anim8or
    • Krita and Paint Shop Pro
    • cr2editor

  • Does anyone know of a software to calculates body proportions for fashion? A pattern software I got to day to test out needs to have them and I have no idea how to do the measurements for original characters.

  • Photoshop - the essential 2d graphics tool, 3DS max for modelling, Genetica Studio for tileable textures - just getting started with Substance painter, Real Flow for liquid sims, Daz Studio, notepad ++ for file editing, Poser Ed for Poser file edting, Premiere for video, and XFrog for trees and plants. Would like to get into ZBrush for modelling and Marvellous Designer for cloth sims as well.

  • @tsanders
    PoserPro 11 can do measurements (not sure about non-pro) but when using results outside Poser be aware of the 8 ft. per PNU versus 8.6ft. per PNU issue. Depending on what the creator of the figure used this may throw you out of real life scales and patterns.
    Also when using pattern generators from the fashion industry be aware that Poser figures can be very stylized and figure body shapes and proportions do not necesarily relate well to real life examples.
    Measure total height of figure and check with real life people. Tall people very often are tall because they have long legs. Difference in seated height is much less pronounced.
    Marvelous Designer also can do measurements. Versions 6 and 7 have a tape tool. In earlier versions you can use edge length of not-simulated panels. Last but not least MD7 lets you 'flatten' panels from the avatar. Depending on the choice of the seams the developed panels give you a good indication about size.

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    Yep, forget about Marvelous Designer and Zbrush . Dimensions Poserfile editor, more or less trying Xfrog ( but not really a fav software of me)
    And GeoGebra for Math Calculations ( Application for to download or use online)

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  • For the record: this reply was an answer to this question by original poster about means to determine body proportions of figures.

  • For me:

    • SketchUp for environment
    • Blender to retouch meshes
    • Inkscape for vector textures
    • Serif PhotoPlus for bitmap textures
    • Marvelous Designer for clothing
    • Nothing for metaballs (I'm "unmetaballed", oh no!!!)
    • World of Warcraft for when I get bored with Poser
    • Diablo 3 for when I get bored with World of Warcraft
    • Poser for when I get bored with Diablo 3

  • Hmm... forgot to add Chrome for when I forget what is the darn hotkey in Blender, or for when I get hungry and need to order a Pizza Hut.

  • I use:

    • Silo 2.5 and Hexagon 2.2 (the old one, version 2.5 was hosed) for geometry. Each has its strengths, and I will use both on the same model sometimes.

    • Affinity Photo and Paint Shop Pro for textures. I prefer Affinity but both have their high points.

    • Genitica Pro for seamless textures. Also good for generating height and normal maps for any image.

    • FilterForge as a plugin for Affinity and PSP has many uses such as generating seamless tiles and making height/normal/specular maps for any image file. Hundreds of filters and uses for this one, plus the ability to make your own.

    • ShaderMap for making all sorts of maps. Version 4 is now free!

    • Ultimate Unwrap for UV mapping. I have both the Pro and Standard versions. Both can also make some very useful primitives like arches and stairs, along with the standard shapes. The Pro version is more useful for organic shapes like clothes. Bought it ten years ago and still get updates.

    • NoteTab Pro for editing Poser files. It is scriptable, and I have made many for it over the years. Also PoserEd is a necessary tool for editing Poser files.

    • Marvelous Designer 6. Got it on sale about a year ago. Works great for dynamic clothes. I was hoping to make conforming clothes but it is easier to just model the clothes in Silo if you want to make conforming. I've been using Poser since Poser 4 and never really used the cloth room until now. I must admit I am starting to like the dynamic clothes. It's really not that much more work, just a different workflow, plus it much easier to actually make your own clothes for any figure with dynamic..

    • Poser 11 Pro. I also have Poser 5 installed simply for creating simple props and figures that are easier to edit with a text editor. They can be saved later on with Poser 11 and brought up to the latest standards.

    I am a software junky of sorts so this is only a list of my most used programs.

  • I use:
    Clip Studio Paint - for afterwork
    Blender - crating objects or simulations
    3D Coat - for creating objects and paint on them
    DAZ-Stduio - for export some DAZ content
    Corel Paint - only for reduce noise pixels in noisy Superfly renders

  • @fbs7 Chrome is probably the best add-on for Blender.

    • Poser
    • Maya
    • After Effects
    • Photoshop
    • Sound Booth
    • Skyrim ;]

  • @joker What sort of things have you created with 3D Coat? I have it, and I have played a bit with it, but its a bit like an enigma machine to me.

  • @meshbox
    I am also no 3D Coat expert. I us it for making some primitiv cloth or for deforming objects. making them looking more old or so.

    but mostly I use it for paining on objects to get UV maps

  • The software I use besides Poser:
    Shade 3D
    Clip Studio Paint Pro
    Terawell's Design Doll
    Blender 3D + Manuel Bastioni Labs + MakeHuman
    Adobe's Mixamo
    Autodesk's Character Generator

    less frequently -
    Anime Studio (very old version - I should get latest)
    DAZ Studio
    Live2D Cubism

  • Hmm ... major apps besides Poser (content creation), depending on task and result I'm looking for:

    Modeling: Modo and Cinema 4D
    UV Mapping: Unfold 3D (best UV mapping app ever!) and UV Mapper Pro
    Texturing: Mari (that investment hurt, but totally worth it), Photoshop with Quixel Suite, 3D Coat
    Morphs: ZBrush or Cinema 4D
    Poser-related apps: Poser File Editor, Morphing Clothes, Auto Group Editor