In addition to Poser what other software does everyone use?

  • I use:
    Clip Studio Paint - for afterwork
    Blender - crating objects or simulations
    3D Coat - for creating objects and paint on them
    DAZ-Stduio - for export some DAZ content
    Corel Paint - only for reduce noise pixels in noisy Superfly renders

  • @fbs7 Chrome is probably the best add-on for Blender.

    • Poser
    • Maya
    • After Effects
    • Photoshop
    • Sound Booth
    • Skyrim ;]

  • @joker What sort of things have you created with 3D Coat? I have it, and I have played a bit with it, but its a bit like an enigma machine to me.

  • @meshbox
    I am also no 3D Coat expert. I us it for making some primitiv cloth or for deforming objects. making them looking more old or so.

    but mostly I use it for paining on objects to get UV maps

  • The software I use besides Poser:
    Shade 3D
    Clip Studio Paint Pro
    Terawell's Design Doll
    Blender 3D + Manuel Bastioni Labs + MakeHuman
    Adobe's Mixamo
    Autodesk's Character Generator

    less frequently -
    Anime Studio (very old version - I should get latest)
    DAZ Studio
    Live2D Cubism

  • Hmm ... major apps besides Poser (content creation), depending on task and result I'm looking for:

    Modeling: Modo and Cinema 4D
    UV Mapping: Unfold 3D (best UV mapping app ever!) and UV Mapper Pro
    Texturing: Mari (that investment hurt, but totally worth it), Photoshop with Quixel Suite, 3D Coat
    Morphs: ZBrush or Cinema 4D
    Poser-related apps: Poser File Editor, Morphing Clothes, Auto Group Editor

  • Poser Ambassadors

    Poser Pro 11
    For all my modeling and UV Mapping i use Zbrush.
    Hexagon 2.1 for setting up the names on the material zones.
    Modo 902 and C4d R14 for minor things.
    Photoshop CS6 Extended and Quixel Suite for texturing.

  • • Blender (For 3D work, mostly Blender, though I'm looking Hexagon)
    • trueSpace (defunct, but still as good as it ever was)
    • Dragonbones
    • Clip Studio Paint
    • Illustrator
    • Audition
    • Fantamorph
    • TeraLogic Texture Maker 32 v2.0 final
    • Photoshop & ImageReady
    • Paintshop & AnimationShop
    • Sketchbook Pro (version 6.2.7)
    • Paint .Net
    • Flash & Fireworks
    • VirtualDub
    • FFmpeg

  • Poser 11 pro
    Hexagon 2.5
    Curvy 3d
    Blacksmith3d 6 pro
    Daz Studio for compatibility check
    Substance Indie
    Carrara 8.5 pro
    Unreal engine 4
    Auto group editor
    on rare occasions MorphVOX pro

  • Shamefully asking for a ref instead of posting a list of all the junk I use:

    Does anyone have a free/cheap solution for measuring a wavefront/other object's "volume."

    I used to have an app that did that, but it's "broken", now. There are some apps meant for .stl 3d printing and the like, but not all give you good feedback and I need a bit more with setting scale/measurements and the like, so I'm sure it's accurate.