Marquee and clear-function issues

  • Hello, I have isues with the marquee-tool. I try to erase some colours and lines by drawing a marquee and and using the clear function. The clear function doesnt work at all. When I try to use the eraser to erease the colour the eraseer also deletes parts of the colour outside of the marquee. Bun only slightly. I think it happens when the eraser-cicle is quite big and goes over the marquee line. The function to clear everything outside of the marquee works by the way.
    Any suggestions? In the past this worked fine for me. I have the last update and I think it makes problems since then. But I am not sure, as I did not use the marquee for quite some time.

    1. On a vector layer then the control points at the center of a line may be in the selected area ... and when you delete them then the wider part of the line ( outside the select) will also be deleted.
    2. on a raster layer if your select has a blurred edge then the displayed line will be where the 100% selected is over 49%... but its still partially selected in areas that are only 49% or less selected... and so delete will affect those.