Houdini Apprentice vs Poser

  • Alright, Houdini is a tremendously expensive thingie, but there's a free Apprentice version, which unless I understood it wrong (and I usually do) it has all the features of Houdini Core and Houdini FX, except that it can only import FBX and Alembic (no export), produces watermarked renders at limited resolution, and cannot exchange files with the professional versions. But it does have OBJ import/export, which is a useul thing to migrate assets to/from Poser, Blender and Marvelous Designer, although of course they would have to be re-rigged and re-morphed (which sounds like a lot of pain).

    So, anyone has tried their hand at Houdini Apprentice for animation and can offer some lessons of the pains and benefits involved with that? Also, anyone has any idea for a process to migrate assets from Poser to Houdini.. like, can DAZ 3D be used as a stepping stone for that?

  • I can't believe nobody is curious about Houdini Apprentice.

    It does seem to be a high-end appl

  • @fbs7 downloading now ;-). At least they have a macOS version (and Linux, too) and my iMac is not so old they don't support it's AMD 6970 GPU.

  • @fbs7 said in Houdini Apprentice vs Poser:

    I can't believe nobody is curious about Houdini Apprentice.

    It does seem to be a high-end appl

    There really isn't an easy way to import a Runtime of stuff into the asset system of Houdini.
    Houdini rigging and Posers are not really easily exchanged either.
    Paid versions offer FBX import, but that doesn't have IK, etc in it, so you will end up re rigging it anyway.

    Houdini does have nice tools to rig figures, but it is far different than Poser.
    Keep in mind that Houdini's default native unit is a meter as well.

  • That does sound like a world of pain... I don't fear skeletons too much, as it's only one skeleton per toon and I only use like 4 basic toons.

    But to import 200 morphs in a single toon... now THAT'S a royal pain..

  • You will have node spaghetti with that many morphs.

    It is doable thou, here is how using exported morphs as obj files.