Shadow only render

  • ShaderWorks' Advanced Render Settings used to give me the ability to run all kinds of useful render passes - in Poser 11, it no longer works.

    I want to do a shadow-only render for compositing purposes, using Firefly: i.e. just render the shadows, and not the things that cast the shadows. I assume that whatever magic it was that the script used to do is still possible, just that Python updates have got in the way. Please avoid ranting on that subject if you can. :)

    Any ideas welcome...

  • Is this what you're looking for?


  • @redphantom Pardon the delay in replying. That was while I considered leaving the forum, changing my name and never coming back. :)

    Thanks for setting me straight. In my defence, I never use the Firefly render settings any more; I always render via Dimension3D's script, which doesn't include that option.

  • I understand. I don't use it either. I had to double check to make sure I was remembering right. The other option I guess would be to check the shadow catch only in all the materials in a scene, but that would be a pain if you have more than 1 thing in the scene.

  • Shadow only overrides everything else, so it's perfect for what I want to do. I jumped from Poser 7 to Poser 11, and I'm constantly discovering new features that I didn't know I had!