how to record what I´m drawing

  • hello, i need to create a clip with the lines that i draw.
    I have tried to do it on Clip Studio and Moho Pro, but i can´t. I have search on the web but i couldn´t find any tutorial.

    Is it possible to do it without external software??

    note: i don´t want to record the mouse, just what it´s being drawn.

  • There are versions of Painter that do this internally, but the easiest method is to simply record the screen while you draw; yes... with with external software. It will show the lines being drawn.

    This can be trivially done using Open Broadcast, which is free to use; and it can ignore the mouse cursor.

  • thank you very much, it´s a good solution, i have tried it, it works well recording windows without mouse, but i can´t record clip studio window, i have to use partial screen recording and the circle of the clip studio brush is visible.

    but perhaps i´m doing something wrong, i´ll check it again ;-)

  • If you're running this under Windows, I can also recommend FastStone Capture. It's shareware but works perfectly well without registering.

    The only other drawing/painting program I know of that captures your work while you make it, is Open Canvas. I looked at that when deciding on which graphics editor to commit to, and went with Manga Studio/Clip Studio Paint, because it was capable of a lot more.

  • You could try this: Sorry for the late reply just now read the post.