Daz Studio adding a physics engine...

  • Any dynamic clothing setup that can use props with no special treatment needed before taking it into a new cloth room would allow all old content to be used. If there was a simple one or two click conversion that worked well all the time, it would still allow for old content to be used.

    As far as the dynamic hair, yeah, there is some nice hair out there. (looking at adorana), but not a lot. If a new hair room was usable and people could make hair in less than six months and 3 wig purchases for the creator. That didn't send most people running screaming back to the pose room, we might be able to replace the few styles we'd lose without much weeping and gnashing of teeth.

  • @ssgbryan If you don't care, then why are you reading this thread, let alone posting in it?

  • @redphantom I don't think they're doing hair, but then again they already have a third party hair vendor that does a product called Look At My Hair.

  • I don't care about DAZ physics engine... their animation still sucks (although they do have metaballs)..

    Now, if DAZ would get some decent animation features... who knows...

  • I saw their post a few days ago. The feature that looks nice is the ability to do draping on a single frame. I watched the video and it did improve the dress.

  • @eclark1849 I know, but someone mentioned it and the 2 are often combined in a discussion.

  • @willdial from what I was told, only certain conformers will drape in one frame and it won't work on all conformers. Non-conforming clothing still needs a simulation.

  • @redphantom I'm not surprised.

  • @fbs7 Just so you know the Directory now has some animation links to mocap and bvh files you might be interested in. The page is still under construction, but the links do work.

  • @eclark1849 said in Daz Studio adding a physics engine...:

    @fbs7 Just so you know the Directory now has some animation links to mocap and bvh files you might be interested in. The page is still under construction, but the links do work.

    Thank you

  • Just for the record: one frame simulation can be done in Poser since quite a while, with the 'drape' function. You could call this dual mode clothing.

    Take a dynamic shirt, for example, add all geometry to chest group and in the fitting room make it into a conformer with collars, shoulders, and forearms. Do not cut mesh. Then fix main joints so weight maps cover all the vertices to be moved, so shoulder joint WM's to affect shoulder and foream, etc. Make sure chest is affected by all joints.
    Credit goes to Vilters who posted about this sort of techniques before.
    The shirt, when conformed, should now be posable and roughly follow the arm movements, enough to keep it around the body enough to make the drape succesful.
    Set up the simulator so far as to Poser to know what object is to be clothified object, to what it is to collide, where to use constraints and decorations, and dynamic properties.
    Conform and pose as usual in one frame. When the figure is posed, and shirt has followed, in cloth room start drape from that piose, not from zero pose of course!, and see how drape settles poke-thru. Use reset to undo the effect of the drape and to go on with your next pose.
    Just to re-emphasize: the joint setup serves only to create the right conditions for the drape process,

  • @fverbaas oh, one frame draping does work again? Good to hear.

  • @masterstroke Did it stop working? When?

  • @fverbaas I'm wondering if that method is more, or less time consuming and complicated than using a 30 frame animation.

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    @masterstroke It always worked. I use it all the times for draping long dress or skirt.

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    => DAZ does not have the resources, neither do they have sufficient bank loan credibility reserves, to pay me enough to use DS. And that's about all there is to say.

    Years and years ago, I bought 3 items from them.
    That was enough to close the chapter for eternity and beyond.

    They can take their Daf, Def, Dif, Dof, Duf stuff to the moon and back for my part.
    Give me an obj and a diffuse texture. Keep the rest.
    Sorry, not in the mood for joking tonight.

  • @dcrosby
    Once you have set up the garment as dual mode (you need to do this only once and save it in the library) it is much less time consuming than doing the 30 frames because:

    • the drape needs less frames to be simulated (default 8 usually suffices)

    • you need not set up a movement that avoids problems like avatar self intersection at say frame 10 or make the sim longer because dynamic effects need to flatten out.

  • @vilters Tony, I have no clue what you're referencing. I don't care if you use DAZ, Poser, or a pencil and paper. Whatever floats your boat.

  • @fverbaas Looking over the instructions again, it's essentially a conforming shirt that you drape after posing. Theoretically, It should be possible to drape store bought conformers in the same way as long as the mesh is welded, correct? I didn't see the utility before. Interesting. Does the rigging remain after you convert to cloth? How would that work with long dresses?

  • @dcrosby
    Yes mesh welded and same body part. The cloth room only allows one body part to be 'clothified'.
    You basically make the collars, shoulders and forearms into 'ghost bones' with no own geometry but only affecting, respectively, their parent, grandparent and great-grandparent 'chest'.
    It should be possible to make a base rig and geometry that you can use in the Fitting Room. In the fitting room tell Poser not to cut the mesh.
    With long dresses should work the same way but you may need to build a 'reverse' rig and the deformations of the mesh in bent position may be too large if the dress is wide.
    I have not yet experimented with this a lot.
    I found this out after Vilters' posting about figures with uncut meshes. I realized later this could be used in the cloth room.