Head and Posing Cameras do not show in Hierarchy View

  • Is this a design feature or a bug, or am I blind?

    Discovered that head and posing cameras are missing, when I needed to parent some props to the Posing Camera, but ended up not seeing it in the Hierarchy view.

    0_1507874724245_M3RockStyle - Smith Micro Poser Pro  (64-bit) 13_10_2017 2_01_52 PM.png

  • And I notice that once the props are parented to the camera (in my case, the Main Camera), they are no longer available for saving into the Library palette for Props.

  • @ibr_remote if you have no figure in the scene, you will not see these cameras, as they are automatically parented to a figure's head and hip actors (as, indeed, the hand cameras parent themselves to the current figure's hand actors).

    I suggest you add a temporary figure, do the parenting, and subsequently delete the figure.

    Unparented props (as in, props not parented to a figure) are notoriously difficult to save poses to or load poses from the library for. I have had to write specific python scripts to do so, as the standard poser mechanisms do nothing without a figure in the scene.