Help! Torso bending strange in Anime Studio Pro

  • My character's torso is bending weirdly in Anime Studio Pro 10. I have included some pictures of the issue. If anyone knows how to fix this, please tell me!0_1508074368534_restore13.anme - Anime Studio Pro 10_15_2017 9_31_39 AM.png 0_1508074381238_restore13.anme - Anime Studio Pro 10_15_2017 9_31_56 AM.png

  • This looks like a binding problem. The points in the top half of your torso are bound to the top bone, and the bottom half of the torso is bound to the bottom bone. Logically, you'd expect this to make sense, but the program doesn't work like that. Try clearing all the binding from the torso and just leaving it to the bone strengths to manipulate the torso. Experiment with different bone strengths to get the best results. Looks like you need to work through the Help manual...

  • @jahnocli Thank you for helping! :D