Should SM / Content Paradise sponsor a render/animation competition?

  • Check this out:

    That's a pretty small vendor, it seems, but they did have a very nice idea of having a competition of animations done with their products.It seems similar to the competition in the 11 Seconds thingie, except that the 11 seconds does not give any prizes other than an award.

    So, if SM / Content Paradise would have a competition in rendering and animation, using products native to Poser or sold by Content Paradise, and then give a little award for the winners (like a free item or a discount from a participating vendor whose product was used by the winners), that should be free demo reels for Poser at very little or not cost.

    What do you guys think?

  • Whatever they can do to build "community" is what they should do... If that includes render contests and the like, then they should do those. :)

    But, they should partner as broadly as possible, bringing in other e-sellers into a sort of "marketing stable" where they can have direct access to more of their potential customer base and develop closer relationships with their vendors.

    If they limit their efforts to just this forum, their controlled sites, etc, then it's going to discouraging. They have more customer exposure/community on third-party sites than they have on their own website. Anyone recognize an issue with that? It's too late to fix that, now, so they have to go to where their audience is and that means partnering heavily on promotional community projects.

    So... yeah, they should do that. :)

  • Yes!, the only one doing something like this right now is Renderosity.. and although they normally don't get a lot of animation entries, if SM would sponsor, might get a little more attention

  • Good idea, probably not going to happen. I don't know, sometimes I wonder who's more determined to kill Poser, DAZ or SM?

  • Yah, I hear you.. I did talk to Rafael Torres, the new product manager during Siggraph, and he did seem sincere about revamping Poser.. but we will have to see

  • @eclark1849 said in Should SM / Content Paradise sponsor a render/animation competition?:

    Good idea, probably not going to happen. I don't know, sometimes I wonder who's more determined to kill Poser, DAZ or SM?

    SM is having huge financial losses, I have no idea what's behind that (sometimes that's due to one subsidiary --SM has tons of them -- other times is just financial thingie). Financials for SMSI do show that. I suspect that if something does kill Poser, that's financials.

  • SM sponsors contests everywhere. That's how I got my first copy of Poser 11 - won it in a contest at Fantasy Attic. They sponsor almost every Renderosity contest, too.

  • True.. I believe one of my previous copies of Poser was won the same way.. A Poser animation specific competition would be interesting though, as I noticed that in the Renderosity contests for example, there is a mix of software.. iclone, studio and Poser being about equally represented..