Why did you buy Poser?

  • So, one day, you were looking for something. Or, maybe you weren't? Somehow, you ended up here. Why?

    I'm not asking just why you bought the latest newfangled version of Poser, I'm also asking why you ever bought that very first version you had.

    What attracted you to it? Did you actually "need" it for something before you bought it? Did you buy it because it could do something you suddenly became interested in? Did you first discover "3d" or "rendering" when you saw a Poser advertisement or was it because of a render or something else that someone did with it?

    Why? What made you lay down your hard-won money for a copy of Poser?

    (Elaborate as much as you can. For some of you going back to Poser 1, I'm sure that might be a bit difficult. Just take your meds and see if that helps... :) )

  • Well, I started with DS2 something because I needed a pinup for a marketing campaign completely unrelated to 3D. The customer couldn't afford to pay a model for the artwork we needed.

    Then, I couldn't find clothing appropriate for my customers, so I started modeling and rigging what I needed and I needed the rendering abilities of Poser. Skin just looked much better than DS.

    So, I learned how to rig in DS, then bought Poser to test the rigs for it, then decided those renders looked much better in Poser and used it much more for the artwork.

    Then, when DS4 came out and the interface was so hard on my failing eyesight, I gave up DS and went all Poser all the time.

  • I'd played with 3d from my Amiga days, so when I got a PC I got Bryce 1 or 2 from a magazine cd. Saw an advert for a multi-pack of Poser 3, Ray Dream Studio 3D and Bryce 3D and bought it. Then kept upgrading Poser and Bryce and kept on until now I use PoserPro11.

  • @morkonan
    I had to take my meds. LOL

    Why did I get Poser? At the time I was a hardcore Fractal Design user, I had everything they made (Painter, Bryce, Raydream or whatever it was called back then, Kai's Power Tools, you name it, I had it).

    Then one day I got a postcard in the mail (Fractal Design did mail marketing back in the day) that talked about this thing called Poser, which artists could use as a tool to draw humans. I found it intriguing, and being that I was also getting into 3D at the time, thought it would be fun. So off I went to Best Buy to see if they had it on the shelves. They did!

    Brought it home and thought it was pretty cool. I've had every version since, and I hope to have a few more! I started using it a lot more after Poser 4, when I joined Renderosity back in 2000. A fun 22 years with Poser, culminating with working with the Poser team from Poser 6 on. (sing ... Memories light the corners of my mind ....)

  • I first came across Poser when it was given away free on a cover disk of a magazine. This used to be a common marketing ploy, here is a free old version, like it? Then buy our even better new version. It might well of been poser 1, but might have been a later version, I remember the textures on the figure were a single picture in .TIF format. Never did buy a new version.
    Skip forward to about 3 years ago. Financial position had changed so could afford a half decent PC, always wanted to do something creative but no artistic ability at all. Remembered Poser. Internet search to see if it was still around, found about a similar product called Daz Studio that was free. Tried it, hated it.
    Found u-tube video about getting around the Poser interface, looked nice old fashioned interface for an old fashioned pc user.
    Bought Poser 10, loved it.
    So for me, it all goes back to that original cover disk giveaway, made me think that yeah, here's something to let someone like me, with very poor colour vision and no drawing or painting ability (you tend to avoid art at school when you accidently paint green horses and the like) make some pictures, and when I looked at u-tube videos and realised how far it had come, really wanted to try it .

  • Easy to answer - FantaVision!!!

    Good ole FantaVision in late 80s; for the first time one could easily make morphing 2D animations in a PC. I was flabbergasted.

    From that to Poser it was an easy jump.

  • Back in 1999 I was searching on Tucows for a theme pack for windows 98 when I came upon Moyra's (now at DAZ's PC) website designs and when I looked through her site I saw some graphics done in Bryce.

    At the same time Bryce 2 was a free giveaway in a magazine so I got that. Moyra also had some links on her site and one of them was to someone's site who also used Bryce but had human figures too! It didn't take long to trace down Poser 3 but I can't say I was that impressed.

    Fortunately a short while later Poser 4 (Metacreations) was released and when I saw what could be done with conforming clothes and transparencies I was sold! I joined the PFO right away too and went crazy downloading stuff - mainly from PhilC.

  • I got into the 3D thing out of necessity. Somewhere around 1980 someone wanted to bulld a high building behind my house and in the public hearing came up with 3d images of the building supposed to give the impression of the building from my street. They had forged it of course to downplay the impact. I wrote a routine on my Casio handheld to convert xyz coordinates into pq image coordinates to redraw their images in a Connect the numbers fashion. That building never materialized (not through my input) but here I am 37 years later still hooked on 3D. I found Povray, but thus did not serve my later interest in drawing after model.
    Poser in EU was way out of budget. The purchase would be throgh a middle man in Germany who was quite greedy. When Studio came out I tried but got sick with version compatibility issues of plugins and lack of documentation. A former colleague in US who was willing to act as postal reception point so bought Poser5 for US price and shipment through private channels.

  • @kalypso said in Why did you buy Poser?:

    Back in 1999 I was searching on Tucows for a theme pack for windows 98 when I came upon Moyra's (now at DAZ's PC) website designs and when I looked through her site I saw some graphics done in Bryce.

    OMG, I never thought I'd ever meet someone else who remembered Moyra as a web designer! I started in web design back in the early-mid 90's, and I was always looking for inspiration, and that's how I fell upon her wonderful web site.

    Since I've always been a landscape artist first, and a portrait artist second, I had downloaded and tried, what I'm assuming was version 3 of Bryce, and liked it, but I didn't wind up buying it until Bryce 4 had just come out. What sold me on it was, the original versions of Myst and Riven were created with Bryce, and I loved both of them, so was interested in seeing what the software they used to create them was all about. Back then the only 3D graphics forum I belonged to was Renderosity. A now long-time online friend preferred Poser, but I wasn't impressed, especially where character skins were concerned, with what I was seeing done with early versions of Poser.

    Four and a half years later, that same online friend introduced me to DAZ3D and RDNA, and I got Poser 5 because I was seeing some better looking characters than I had seen previously. At this point I had Poser 5 on my desktop, and started playing with DS 2 on my laptop, mostly because it was tied in with the first new version of Bryce (5) DAZ had produced. Unfortunately, Poser 5 was giving me fits, though I'm not sure it was Poser 5 that was the problem, as it might have been my old Win98 SE that didn't like it. I continued with DS 2, became part of the beta team for DS 3 Advanced (to this day my favorite version), and then DS 4.0 Advanced (and then Pro when DAZ decided to make the software free). I liked the idea of the original Genesis, but gave up when Genesis 2, and then DS 4.5 came out.

    I was able to get Poser 7 from Content Paradise for a decent price when a newer version came out, but my old laptop died right about that time, and for some reason I never installed Poser 7 on this laptop. I did, however, get Poser 9 right when Poser 10/PP2014 came out, and right after HiveWire had opened it's doors, and presented Dawn to the 3D world. I still have DS 3A and DS 4.0P installed, but I was able to get PoserPro 11 when it came out, and I tend to use either Poser 9 or PP11 more than DS these days, though I still keep hoping DAZ will wake up and update Bryce. Oh, and I do use Terragen for creating landscapes, and even had success exporting one of them, and importing it into my Bryce 7. That was fun. ~smile~

  • Like @j-naylor73, I didn't buy Poser, at least to begin with. In fact I liked it so much I didn't buy it three times. :)

    A friend let me play with a copy of Poser 1 on a magazine cover - on floppy disks. Imagine storing anything at all onto a 1.44MB floppy nowadays. You couldn't fit a single digital camera image or MP3 song on one of those. Imagine that!!

    I also got Poser 3 off a magazine cover CD. Poser 4 I won in a competition on a long-dead forum. I didn't actually buy Poser until version 5, and the less said about that, the better. I hasten to add that I also paid for versions 6, 7, 9, 10 and 11. I must be certifiable. :)

  • You know, I've paid for every copy of Poser I've ever owned.. except version 10. That was a gift.

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    I use Poser since version 4. I was before a traditional artist. Oil was my fav. Tool, landscapes and still images.
    Till I discover Photoshop. I get addicted to digital art and Photoshop become my new hobby. Till I see on the internet pretty 3D girls . I get really curios and want to know how the people are doing them. So I search and land over Renderosty.
    There I learn that the people use V1-V2 and Poser. I buy me a copy ASAP and V2 with all her stuff what I could get in my fingers.
    Poser becomes my new addiction. Since version 5 I am really heavy addicted. Cloth room, hair room, Material room.

    Sure I use now many other Software also. But Poser stay my fav one.

  • Wow... Some of you people are old. :) (Like me!)

    Keep the testimonials coming! This is interesting stuff, to be sure.

    For me, I think P4 was the first one I ever used. (I do remember seeing Poser 1 in a bargain bin, once.) I don't remember how I got it, likely from a mag. I ended up getting Poser 6 after having started 3D modeling with XSI and moving through several other starter programs. I liked the idea of having something that sort of did it all. (Or, so I thought.) Been buying Poser, here and there, ever since.

    (Some of the names you guys have dropped bring back a bunch of memories! :) "Kai's Power Tools"? ROFL!)

  • @morkonan I used Poser and Bryce before DAZ got their hands on it and killed it dead. :)

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    Discovered Poser1 since it came on a 1.44 demo disk with a magazine.
    Bought Poser2 the very next day, because at the time, there was nothing else that did more or less what it did; "Pose figures relatively easy."

    Before that I used to do a lot of photo manipulation, even tried to get some animated gifs going.
    Then Poser2 and 3 and 4 and some time later anim8or, and I was making morphs.
    Poser 5 brought the faceroom and the hair room, and off we went. LOL.
    Due to work situation, I skipped Poser6, (but stayed playing low profile with P5), but got back into this 3D hobby when I bought Poser7 and never missed a release since.

    Somewhere along the line, Anim8or got replaced with Blender, and I don't remember how many photo manipulations softwares passed on the different HD's, but it's Krita and Paintshop Pro these days.

    PoserPro, Blender and Krita. A hard to beat combination with tons of possibilities and opportunities.

    Ha-ha-ha-, still don't know why people sell "poses". That's what Poser is for : "To pose". That's it's purpose.

  • @vilters Same reason you can save a pose or anything else to the library.

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    Tja, I use the pose dots as temp storage. (9 dots lower left corner) Rarely go poses in the library, because "next" use will always have to be just that bit different. => Those dots are live savers. LOL.

  • @vilters I've never used the pose dots. i don't even know how they work. Let me read my manual. :)

  • @morkonan said in Why did you buy Poser?:

    Wow... Some of you people are old. :) (Like me!)

    Oh I wouldn't be surprised if I was older than you. ~wink~