Why did you buy Poser?

  • @fbs7 I didn't even know they sold poses for toons.

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    Contrapposto. Its a concept you learn in figure drawing and animation, and a lot of people struggle with it. There's a lot more to proper posing than just spinning some dials.

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    @AmbientShade Exactly .
    There are not many vendors out there from where I buy poses. DM, very natural , well balanced sets. AeonSoul, unique ,out of the box poses. (Unfortunately now only for the Genesis line) .
    Most of the pose pack you see on the MP are just not my cup of tea. Vulgar, worst balanced out or the figures looks like they are permanently hysterical .

  • While I don't pay for poses, I do download free ones and tweak them to my needs. There are too many variables I don't understand. Should I bend the collar or the shoulder to get a pose? Do I twist here of bend there? Did I twist it too far? (The preprogrammed limits aren't always accurate) I don't know enough about the body to know these things, and I don't even know where to look. So I rely on others who hopefully do know.

  • Since I responded to the off-topic conversation, I figured I should also respond to the actual topic. I bought poser because I wanted to make pictures. I've always wanted to make pictures. I can't draw to save my life, at least, not like I'd like to. I can make simplistic, cartoony images that would work in a child's coloring book. But that's not what I had in mind. I've also been fascinated with computer images. The 2D software wasn't any easier than a pencil and paper. Someone recommended Poser, and I downloaded the free trial. I downloaded it and loved it, so I bought the full version. A decade later, I don't know if I'm yet to the quality of images I want, but I'm a lot closer than when I was using paper.

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    If you are interested... Clip Studio Paint is an excellent 2D drawing package that supports 3D objects (including pose-able figures).

    @topic... I am still on the fence about Poser; I use Blender 3D almost exclusively.

  • For the very reason Poser was created. I liked to draw, and I wanted to do comics, but the artwork was rough and the anatomy, well....

    Also I wanted to see some of my comic characters in 3D.

  • @fbs7 said in Why did you buy Poser?:

    I understand buying a package with a lot of poses, I just don't get the concept of buying one particular pose.

    Agreed. I don't even bother downloading single freebie poses. It's a waste of my time, really. And, I don't usually buy poses unless they're on sale or in a nice-size bundle. I don't buy products like: "10 poses WITH MIRROR POSES INCLUDED ZOMGZ 20 POSES CABUBELEEBIT!" That's just sad junk.

    I don't even know why people bother with upselling "mirror poses."

  • Back in the nineties I made a lot 3D architecture presentations for my work, First in autocad and later in Rhino. To make the renderings more realistic I wanted to add people in the scenes I made. First I used billboards and scanned pictures because 3d models of persons were very hard to find (Internet was not available as it is today).
    Before I discovered poser I bought a program called "Mannequin". This was a very rudimentair programe with wireframe models and very little export possibilties (you could only export 2d wireframe pictures, so it was practically useless).
    I bought Poser1 at a dealer here in Holland, who was advertising in a computerart magazine. After Poser3 the retailer stopped selling it, and I thought that the developer had gone broke ( with was in fact true) and I didn't heared from poser for a long time.
    Some years later I found out poser was still alive and sold by a firm called Metacreations, and I bought a copy of Poser 5.
    And I was sold... Compaired to the earlier releases of Poser this was such an improvement.
    And with the discovery of all the content that was available on the internet it was revelation for me.
    I can tell my whole story but I won't bother you with, what I can tell is that I use poser very little for my work, but it is my major hobby now ( not calling it an obsession) .

    best regards,


  • @dlfurman good point, now rhat you mention this. I renember being frustrated with my scetchings. When you try to scetch as naturalistic as possible, you try to give an illusion of 3d. I can recall, how friends were amaized by my pictures being so 3dimensional, but for myself, it seemed, this illusion didn't work anymore. It has just been pencile on paper to me. You could say, I was craving for 3d. I've even started to draw something, that looked like a 3d mesh over my scetchings, in order to enhence the 3d effect. I followed the technical development of CG during the 90s. When I got myself Poser, I was thrilled to have technologie at home, that was also in Hollywood movies. Well, at home at a very lower standard, of course.

  • I started out with trueSpace, and I made a bunch of robots and mechanical monsters which was fun. I am good with mechanical stuff but not so good at making organic stuff like humans. After a couple of months working with trueSpace I got a e-mail offer (one of our partners) for Poser 4, and I got in cheap. Poser 5 had just came out, so within a few weeks I upgraded to that. The whole idea was to import Poser people into my tyrueSpace scenes, but it ended up the other way around. I've upgraded to every version of Poser since, and most of the other software I use is to support it. For years I spent a lot of $$ on content and just used Poser as a way to unwind after a hard days work. For the last few years I have been making most of my content myself, which has slowed the number of renders that I do down quite a bit, but I like the challenge and it is fun.

  • I started with Bryce. Then I saw some work created with Poser 3 by an online friend and thought I would like to learn more. A little while later Poser 4 came out and I purchased it and then a little while later the Pro Pack. It was so long ago I can not even remember how I purchased the first Poser. I think it may have been in a local computer shop or I may have purchased online but it came with a box which I still have. Before Poser I was doing a lot of 2D art but the 3D aspect fascinated me. My main purpose was to make clip art type images that I could then incorporate into other artwork such as web design and other things. I have upgraded to every version since then. I used Poser for a long time as a way to relax after work too and then became interested in creating my own content rather than rendering. I am still learning and having fun with this. :)

  • The truth is in the libraries where there a lots of well endowed women and very few clothes available... :-)

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    Likely on purpose... One can't well show off their work, or use it commercially if it's just nudes; and the bread money comes from selling the accessories.