How would you Promote Poser?

  • The best way to promote Poser would be to deep six this forum. The amount of negative posts does nothing to showcase anything good about Poser.

  • "Want to create photoreal scenes on a budget?
    Want to easily create scenes with clothed or naked figures in just a few clicks rather than wasting weeks to realise your vision?
    Don’t want to waste days modelling and rigging figures each time you want to create an illustration or piece of art?
    Want single–click access to literally millions of fully textured, off the shelf figures, clothing items, props, plants, backgrounds and sets?
    Want features that are traditionally found in programs costing thousands of pounds such as hair and cloth simulations, physically based materials, node-based textures (including advanced maths nodes), bullet physics, and face building?
    Do you want to easily reshape ready made figures into the physiques that YOU desire?
    Want to animate using traditional pro animation tools, or import ready made animations?
    Want the flexibility to interact with the 3D industry’s biggest names including 3D Studio Max, Maya, Vue, Cinema 4D and Zbrush?
    Above all, do you want to have FUN creating masterful 3D scenes in hours rather than weeks?
    Only one program does it all. And for less than a cup of coffee a day for six months.
    Poser – the world’s first fully-featured figure animation program, and still the best by a mile!"

    I dunno why everything is measured in cups of coffee but I didn't want to break with tradition! ;-)

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    You're right Tony. We do disagree. I don't think I'v ever even loaded Pauline or Paul, but I'm still using Poser features and all. What features am I missing without them?

    The Poser figures demonstrated the new tech that was in the version of Poser they were bundled with. Capsule rigging, weight-mapping, subdivision, and control surfaces, just to name a few features over the years.

    You should try Paul & Pauline out. I am steadily retiring V4/M4 characters in my stories and a Dawn/Dusk/Pauline/Paul quartet do a nice job.

    Need realistically sized and proportioned figures? You are using Poser figures, because the competition doesn't make them.

    It's why we see Poser figures in the real world - in advertising, on TV, at the supermarket, on every American Airlines aircraft, etc.

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    @Glitterati3D said in How would you Promote Poser?:

    It's one of the things Chuck (Nerd3D) did really well with his Poser videos. He kept the users informed with a handy, viable resource that shows us all how to use these features as we develop the skills to utilize them.

    Yes, SM does have a rather long playlist all about Poser on their YouTube channel which has been an invaluable source for me learning various features going back to Pro 2012 release (which was when I came back to Poser from 7, and it all seemed different). I've linked to various videos several times myself. Chuck wasn't the only one doing them, tho he did do several. Cooper did a lot of webinars. For a while there it was a consistent thing.

    But even with that a lot of people just don't like to watch videos.

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    @Glitterati3D said in How would you Promote Poser?:

    But even with that a lot of people just don't like to watch videos.

    That is because it is the least effective method of teaching someone if you want to retain what is being taught.

    Video learning is pushed because it is easy to make, not because it is effective.

  • @ssgbryan +100!

  • @phdubrov I have to agree as well. I much prefer written tutorials with a good many screenshots. Much easier than having to stop a video, play in the software of choice, and then back up the video a bit to make sure I didn't miss anything when I was ready to resume the tutorial.

  • @Miss-B And that's why I love guided inside an app tutorials. But they are usually for basics only :(

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    @ssgbryan said in How would you Promote Poser?:

    That is because it is the least effective method of teaching someone if you want to retain what is being taught.
    Video learning is pushed because it is easy to make, not because it is effective.

    Maybe for you but not for everybody. I'm completely the opposite.

    It also depends on what you're teaching and who you're teaching it to. And with video you can always take notes if you need something written to refer back to later.

    I'm much more visual, hands-on learner. I'm also mildly dyslexic, so if I'm given a page of text to read I often have to read it 10 times before I really understand what I'm reading. Words reverse themselves, half a sentence will jump to the next line, etc. But give me a video to watch and I can follow along with the video usually without pausing, as long as the instructor is clear and doesn't ramble on about irrelevant things.

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    @Miss-B So me. And when English is not your mother language , with Video Tutorials you are really f*****.
    Some have such an horrible slang, you never understand what they want to teach you. Or when they are speaking fast. Not to understand for people outside of the English language community.

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    @AmbientShade You would change your mind very quick If you would listen to a tutorial from me. Nice French accent , mixed with English .LOL Not suitable for everybody's ear . ;)

  • In any case video tutorials should be spoken by a trained voice, preferably not by a native speaker.
    There should be an index to the main steps. If I need an explanation it is usually about one step in the process. A written docunent I can scan the index to see my understanding of the process is right, and then jump to the part I am interested in.

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    @fverbaas Yes, in the theory . But in the praxis is often bad spoken with slang, to fast , many loose their self in small talk so you waste your time with listening meaningless boring stuff.
    Gnomon workshop is is a great source for professional Video tuts. But not everybody is willing to pay for it.
    What stay left is You Tube or blogs. 90% from there you can not listen without to have an mental breakdown.

  • @Ladonna
    Exactly! That is why native speakers should refrain from 'voicing' tutorials. They speak too fast and use too much slang. People who learned English as a second language will tend to stick to the basic vocabulary and grammar they learned at school, which is a lot like what rest of world learned at school. If their pronounciation is clear and not too 'tinted', they can be more easy to follow.

  • And on top of that, like teaching, making videos tuts is an art.

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    @Ladonna There's a lot more than just Gnomon., Udemy, Skillshare, Pluralsight (formerly digital tutors), those are just the ones that come to mind. Lots of others.

    Studies are showing that video learning is more effective than written, as it engages the viewer and keeps them interested. The brain is also able to process images something like 60,000 times faster than reading text. Especially for younger generations who aren't interested in spending hours reading boring text, videos keep them engaged in the information.

    And there are many YouTube instructors that earn a good living with their tutorial videos on just about any subject you can think of. But you need a voice and personality for it, and a knack for keeping your audience interested in the material. Good editing skills are also pretty vital.

  • I'm late to this thread, but the best way to promote Poser is by showing how it works in more ways than just output-ing renders (ugh, mangled da Engrish there, sorry).

  • And most important ( for me at least) is the increased robustness. I now dare to play and experiment.

  • @ibr_remote like time-lapses in the style "five minutes render"? Showing not only click-click-click-render but a bit of the tools and tricks too? Probably a good idea.

    @AmbientShade I have exactly opposite problem with most of the video tutorials. Too slow! Good if there are subtitles, so I can add speed... Speaking only about computer subjects though.
    (But I read about 200p/hour in English if it's prose...)

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    @AmbientShade Agree, Gnomon was the first which comes in my mind. Lynda is very good also. Udemy, but they get pretty expensive now.
    When the video tuts are well made, they are a great source to learn.
    But to be honest, for Poser does not exist much video tut which you can listen without to have physical pain.
    I had once listen to one, a few years ago, there you did not know if the tutor had asthma , was running before, or maybe had just at this moment some adult fun while making this video.
    He was so heavy breathing , that after 5 minutes I give up.
    There are over you tube some really impressive made tuts out for PS, Substance stuff, Blender. But Poser is missing really on the top list.
    There are some webinars for sure also, but I don't like them.