Morphs copied with Poser's "Copy Morphs From..." don't conform

  • Figures used: DAZ V4 / S-16
    PoserPro 2014 SR3
    Win XP Pro

    I never noticed this before so I don't know if something broke in my Poser installation or whether it's been there all the time:

    When I copy morphs (DAZ Base, DAZ Morphs++, SASHA morphs) from the base figure into a piece of clothing, the morphs are copied OK and also do work.

    However when I conform that piece of clothing to the base figure (no matter whether it's a standard V4 or S-16) the morphs I copied simply won't work as conforming. None of them.

    I saved the scene and had a look at the .cr2:

    All body:2 parts (:2 is the clothing) are referenced correctly:
    parent {bodyPart}:2
    conformingTarget {bodyPart}:1

    The DAZ morphs that came with the clothing have their dependencies set as:
    Figure 1

    while all morphs copied into the clothing by Poser look like this:
    Figure 2

    I tried all combinations of copying:
    before conforming, after conforming, conforming again, unconforming then reconforming - all to no avail.

    And as I already said, this is the same no matter whether the base figure is a standard V4 (with Base and M++), or it's SASHA, and it's also the same with every piece of clothing no matter which vendor produced it.

    Big question(s) now:

    • Did I simply miss something in the process / did I make a mistake?
    • if not, is this a known problem (possibly fixed in a later SR or in P11)?
    • is there any workaround?

    Thank you!


    When I use D3D's "Morphing Clothes" Python script to copy morphs all morphs do conform as they should...

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    It works for me if I enable "Include morphs" in the Properties.
    Without it, the bodypart number in the cr2 (eg. :2 in BODY:2) has to match the current figure (to which you conform) or should not be there. The latter is the method most vendors use and works fine most of the time.
    The Include morph option is the preferred way in Poser since that will match the morphs independent of figure number.

  • @karina I rig clothing just about every single day with PP11 and use Copy Morphs from without incidence or issue.

    I have Morphing Clothes from D3D, but I no longer use it since PP11 because the morph copy is much better with Poser.

    Now, let me also say that I am very picky, so I do touch every morph I transfer into clothing to test and adjust to my picky taste. I would not release a product that didn't have morphs cleaned up and working beautifully, but everything I make is superconforming clothing.

  • One more thing I just thought of....make sure you have Show Hidden checked or most of your JCMs and control morphs won't transfer at all.

  • @wimvdb, @Glitterati3d:


    Stupid me!

    I already suspected that I did something wrong; I just didn't realise that it was somthing this stupid and simple.
    And the most annoying about it is that I did it the right way a couple hundred times before!

    Looks like with age the brain slowly disintegrates... :D

    (yes I had that "hidden parameters" checked - looks like a last sign of life from my brain...)