Installer issues Mac High Sierra

  • I am trying to do a clean install on a Mac Pro running High Sierra.

    So, a low level format/partition on a brand new SSD, install High Sierra and download my apps from the store.
    Next, I am going through and installing software that isn't on the App Store.
    Lightwave, Modo, some Photo plugins, and now Poser.
    I install and run the download manager and put in my serial number. This downloads everything just fine.
    I start by installing Poser 11 for Mac ( It installs with no apparent issue. Then the downloader says "installer error." It gives me the option to re-install, and I cannot download other content until I do. Meanwhile the updates page offers me a chance to 'update' to

    Now, Poser 11.0.7 runs (after putting in my information). I just any get any content.

    Anyone have any ideas?

  • well, I had to install 11.0.7
    "Update" from 11.0.7 to 11.0.6
    Re-update to 11.0.7

    and THEN it worked.