Bridging Poser to Marvelous Designer 7 and back?

  • And Poser knows which .obj files it loaded, so if the .zpac has the same name and is located alongside the .obj or in a parallel folder, MD can be instructed to load the correct .zpac.

  • The issue with the textures appears to relate to the direction of normals. If the figure is written by Poser in alembic format, MD reads the normals as being inverted.
    The .abc files are binary so I do not know what is right or wrong. From the forums I learned there is some controversy about the standard orientaton.
    I suggested both SM support and MD support to provide a switch (SM on export, MD on import) so the user can tune to fit his pipeline.

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    Most big questions in life usually have very simple answers : MD wants to be a high end and expensive app so?

    => It is up to the more expensive app (MD) to include a bridge to the cheaper app. (=> Bridges to Poser and DS if they want to serve both.)

    And following the same strategy?

    => Poser should come with a bridge to Blender. (Seeing all the options Blender has, this might be some programmers nightmare.... LOL.)

    Simple and logical solution/conclusion. => The more expensive app writes the bridges to justify its cost.