For those willing to use Blender Cycles shaders

  • @eclark1849
    ColorRamp roughly is multipoint gradient tool from any image editor with this option,
    RGB Curves - curves.
    So you need a new class of nodes, where you can create-update-delete points and show it in some way. Multiplatform.
    It could be done in Python as a wacro. But... with all the needed testing someone needs to sponsor at least 500hrs, I think.

  • @bagginsbill Let it go then, I'll find the answer on my own, but thank you for the response.

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    @eclark1849 - during the beta phase it was brought up that not all of the nodes available in Blender would be duplicated in Poser; specifically those that required GUI (Graphical User Interface) stuff that Poser did not have. The time required to add those things, which were not part of Cycles, was just too much. That's what I mean when I say if it was easy it would have been done, 'cause the dev's would have done it if they could.

    Hopefully its on their list somewhere with the rest!!

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    Hi Earl;
    The previous Poser team was actually very small.
    The above is an understatement: It was extremely small for what they did.

    The "render engine guy" was Stefan, and sometimes his mirror had to jump in.
    The "content guy" was Teyon.
    The "doc lady" was Dee.
    The "I have to do everything and more" was Larry.
    Then Ulli and Rat and Brian, and I am certainly missing some, and a few "we do it all guys", and that was it.

    It was a very small and coherent team that "knew" Poser code inside out and upside down, working overnight, W-Ends.

    I am in Europe, and we often got the impressing they were coding 24/7/365.
    => I had the deepest respect for the Poser team during all the years i had the privilege of being a beta-tester.

    But you only have a limited number of man-hrs between releases, fixing bugs, inventing new things, keeping up with Microsoft, MacOS, graphix cards drivers, you name it, they had to do it all.

    They pulled off one of the most underrated stunts in 3D history:
    Get most of Cycles into Poser before time ran out.

  • @vilters Will you people stop apologizing for them? I didn't set them on any kind of deadline. I don't have them on one now. I'll buy the next version of Poser when it comes out, as long as they keep development under 3 years. If they can't get it done in that time, then maybe they should hire more people or sell off Poser to someone who can, as long as it's not DAZ. I'd prefer they take their time and do it right. The thing I liked most about the old team, was their presence on the forums, especially Steeve Cooper, Chuck Taylor and Teyon.