3D Character Creation Flow with Modeler

  • For anyone using, or trying to use, Clip Studio Modeler to set up their own custom 3D characters, here's a translated version of the flow chart from the Celsys website:

    Original File: https://howto.clip-studio.com/library/page/view/clipstudiomodeler_005_001_003

    You can either go to the original source page and have Google or Bing translate the footnote text for you or can read the already translated text with my notes/clarifications on my blog.

    If you're wondering what "Modeler" is, it's another part of the Clip Studio suite that hasn't been officially translated or released outside of Japan. The 3D Character Setup tools in it don't require purchasing a license, but you'll have to make your models in some other software (like Maya, Blender, Cheetah3D, etc.). This is how the native format characters with the clothing, hairstyles, and facial expression options are created.

  • @OffWorld Is this available now to buy?

  • @laura.seabrook - not in English it isn't. Still only officially available in Japanese. Download version license is 5,000 yen (~ $43.95). However, the 3D Character Setup Tools do not require a licensed version, so if you're using some other program to make your model parts you don't need to pay for Modeler. However, like I said, it's officially only available in Japanese. If you've been to my blog you know there is an unofficial English language patch kit, but it can only be applied to very specific versions or it breaks the app. I really hope Celsys is planning to release Modeler outside of Japan.

  • @OffWorld Ah, well I've been learning Blender, so I might give this a miss.

  • You can definitely make models in Blender and use them in CSP, but if you want 3D Characters like the ones from Celsys - with swappable clothing, hairstyles, facial expressions, and custom accessories or poses, Modeler's character set-up tools are the only way to make the "new" native format ones.

  • @OffWorld Well, then the hope will be after the transition of user support from Smith Micro to Cel Sys (coming on the 30th of this month, it's discussed elsewhere in this forum), maybe they might think about releasing some of their other products properly for overseas consumption. Not going to hold my breath however.