Poser 11.0.8 is now available

  • @wimvdb Whew!

    Thanks for the quick reply.

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    @rtorres "Area render button now is disabled on Render tab as initially designed"

    Does this mean we can no longer use the Area Render tool on the Render tab at all?

    It was an error in the fix list.
    Area Render works normally in the Render tab.

    AHA! James and I were discussing this on the HiveWire forum yesterday, so thanks for the clarification.

  • Quick question:

    I keep having issues with the Cloth Room, much like the issue of "never having downloaded and installed it" after the previous update. I guess I need to just redownload/reinstall the whole Poser package again.

    Basically, my question is - The installer is sort of strange, considering other product installers. I've got one page that says everything is "available for download" and the second showing the newest "patches."

    Do I really need to redownload everything that says "available for download" instead of "installed" as well as everything on the "patches/updates" page?

    (On a diff comp at the moment, will check my Poser PC in a bit.)

  • @morkonan
    Nope. They provide updates both as an update and as a new installer.
    Pick the one that suits you best.

  • @F_Verbaas said in Poser 11.0.8 is now available:

    Nope. They provide updates both as an update and as a new installer.
    Pick the one that suits you best.

    AH! That explains it! So, the installer sees these "updates" as BOTH a refreshed, new-version, installer that is available as well as an "update" or, rather, a "patch."

    Got it! Thanks!

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  • Oh no! they forgot metaballs again! I'll never be able to make my meta-icecream, or my meta-snowman-that-morphs-into-a-meta-sofa, or my meta-cake!

    Actually, if I had metaballs already I'd have made the 11 seconds thingie with Terai sleeping on a bubble bath instead of her bed - it would be bubbles everywhere!

  • @rtorres where can we find the updated feature list/bug fixes for SR8? Everything I see in the installer and on the Updates/Download web site still says SR6. The 'Poser 11 Update Readme.rtf' file in my /Applications/Poser 11/ folder is dated 2nd Feb 2017 and still says SR6.

    Despite what the Smith Micro Download Manager was telling me (, seeing SR6 mentioned in the actual Installer made me abort the installation the first time. Then I rationalised that it couldn't be trying to reinstall SR6 when I already had SR7 installed, so I let it complete the second time and Poser's splash screen now shows, as expected. I still don't know where to find the correct feature/fix information, though.

  • @rtorres I've just confirmed that the MacOS update packages for both and include the identical file 'Poser 11 Update Readme.rtf', which is the SR6 release notes, so we have had three (including the brief Service Releases with no documentation on what is supposed to be different.

    Is there a new policy in place which prevents SMS from letting it's users know whether it's worth testing faulty features at each release, or are you expecting every user to repeat the beta testing and keep our own checklists of things which are yet to be fixed?

    Please! Tell us what's changed, or you risk losing the long established trust that updates and service releases will be 'a good thing'. I don't want to have to revert to waiting to see what people say in forums about a release before installing it (as is now, unfortunately, the only safe position to hold regarding Apple's MacOS updates).

  • ugh, so I used Download Manager, accepted to uninstall evertyhing, and re-installed, and lost some content ... smart me...

  • @anomalaus That should have been updated. We will check out why and make sure that on the next release the correct file is included.
    Nevertheless, you can check on my original post the list of new changes included.

  • Just a bug-note and a "funny."

    So, if you don't have the 32 bit Poser version installed and select the checkboxes for the installer to also install those companion files, it will "hang" after the updates are installed. Obviously, it's waiting to "finish" the 32 bit part and, since it couldn't find it to begin with, half the installer program doesn't know what the other half can't do...

    BUT, here's the "funny" bit. I corrected the problem, went about my day, then set to cleaning out the junk on machine, 'cause I hate having huge caches sitting around, doing nothing.

    Apparently, Windows detected this event as a "crash" and, dutifully, logged the event and created a crash report, ready to send off to Mircrosoft, because, you know, Microsoft sells its own babies for every scrap of data it can get...

    Windows wanted to send Microsoft a 2+ gigabyte "error report log" from the Poser installer crash.

    Yeah, that probably isn't necessary.... :)