Fill vector shape?

  • How do I fill a vector shape? Most apps have a fill and stroke color selection I can't find that in ClipStudioPaint EX V.1.6.2. Thank you.

  • There is no vector fills. You have to use a raster layer and fill under the vector stroke.

  • Thanks for the answer. It's simple things like a Vector fill and stroke choice that limits my use of Clip studio ex.
    Why reinvent the wheel.

  • @garlam

    That's crazy; why bother to have the vector tools at all?

    (I understand that they are there for line quality, but the omission of simple fills seems either a gross oversight, or maliciously strict.)

    Alternatively... You can draw unfilled vector shapes, select the interior with the wand tool, and fill with a tone.

  • @uncle808us What they "could do" is add vector masks to define those fills. Won't happen though.

  • CSP is not just some cheap alternative photoshop/illustrator... they attempt to differentiate the product by delivering different strengths and capabilities. A conventional Vector drawing program would not be capable of the types of complex vector lines that CSP can do. It is in effect a raster spray along a re-definable vector path. I am not surprised that such a line is not simple to auto-fill. In fact I doubt the way that line is stored in memory would support the concept of auto-fill. However I would have thought that by now they would at least have got the Lasso-Draw tool to give filled shaped on a vector layer.

  • @888toto Though thinking about this now, one could get a vector fill. Instead of drawing a vector, draw a balloon with the balloon pen.

  • @laura.seabrook said in Fill vector shape?:

    @888toto Though thinking about this now, one could get a vector fill. Instead of drawing a vector, draw a balloon with the balloon pen.

    The drawback with using the balloon tool is that all overlapping lines merge.
    So usually it can only be used i limited cases.


  • @Micmac It's a workaround, not a solution. You do the same thing you do to avoid merging balloons - you put the lines on different layers, rather than on the same layer.

  • For Laura

    Hi Laura

    Im trying to discover the use of balloons better.

    Do you have some workflow tips that you use?


  • @Micmac I did some tutorials a while back on DeviantArt. This is Part 1 of the Text/Balloon tutorial. I should probably review and update a lot of these tutorials.

  • I always use a raster layer with a bucket that is set to fill from reference layer and have my vector layer set as reference.
    Only problem is, I sometimes forget to switch layers back to the vector after filling and start drawing on the raster layer when I want vector lines on the vector layer.

    Any workflow suggestions to prevent myself from making this mistake? I am thinking about making the reference layer a dark blue layer under layer properties, so it will be dark enough to see how it will look filled, but blue enough that I notice I am drawing on the wrong layer. But open to suggestions to make the best of what we have (which really, we have a great piece of software that I love).

  • @laura.seabrook

    Thank you Laura... I actually meant how to use balloons as vector layer.


  • @Micmac That was in Part 3. It's a work around though. Don't expect Photoshop shapes or anything much.