I've uninstalled iClone after... 3 days!

  • @fbs7 said in I've uninstalled iClone after... 3 days!:

    A Blender auto-blink would be like "Click SHIFT-CTRL-6, then ALT-5 followed by SHIFT-CTRL-2 to see the small (+) to popup in window model 4 (ALT-J then CTRL-L for window mode 4, except in Render Mode Coherent), then be sure that Edit Mode is Object and Wireframe Mode is auto-data-mode (CTRL-CTRL-M for auto-data-mode), then click in the small (+), scroll down 16 frames, find 'Spontaneous Auto-Closure', then enter Inverse Maximum Frequency, Inverse Minimum Frenquency, Number of Eyes, Blind Person Waiver Checkbox, Strength of Closure, Auto-Generation of Tears, Pointer to Object Data Block; click Save; then click CTRL-CTRL-E to Activate."

    That is the funniest thing I seen in a long time. I can relate to as well.

  • @fbs7 you left out the secret mouth shape and the woad-painted right heel lodged behind the left ear steps ;-)

  • And I forgot the options for Blink Alternating Eyes and Special Tarantula Blinking Behavior