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  • Hi, I'm a book designer working on a project for a client who is an instructor. She needs to show exercise poses that are very specific. I choose Poser to render these poses for each exercise in her book. The only thing is, I thought it would be easy to learn the basics and perform these poses. I'm finding this is not the case. :o/ So far I've got an avatar created from a figure and have added a prop I made (a pool noodle) and now something has happened where I cannot select the sections of the figure to pose them. I can select from the menu bar, but not with my cursor. I would like to be able to ask simple questions in order to learn more. I've been doing ok, but need more help when I get stuck. Is this something I can ask here? Thanks in advance,

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    @jwoolsey In the title bar of the document window (where you see the scene), the left section indicates which figure (Pauline PLUS in this case) is selected. Make sure the doll is the selected figure.
    0_1509320878142_doc win fig selected.PNG

    It might also help to have an appropriate editing tool selected:
    0_1509320958144_P11 editing tools.PNG

    Does that fix it?

    What version of Poser are you using?

  • @seachnasaigh I'm working in Poser 11 Pro. I have attached a screen capture. I have my figure selected, and have "Body" selected, and have the Direct Manipulation tool selected, but the minute I use my curser to select the hand (or any other part of the body) the selection changes to Light 1.0_1509321807181_Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 8.01.22 PM.png


  • @jwoolsey You can always ask for help here although I can't guarantee that there will always be someone online who knows the answer to your question. at that time.

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    Hoover with your mouse over the hand, and right click. => There select the hand in the menu that pops up..
    Does that work?

  • @jwoolsey Main menu/Figure/Lock Figure?
    Also may be locked at object level?

  • Thanks everyone, I don't know what I did, but the pool float was locked and I couldn't select the figure. They are not parented. Anyway, I'm moving on.

  • @jwoolsey

    Obviously, it's a puzzling situation as "that's not supposed to happen, normally."

    If you feel like it, can you tell us how you got everything into the scene? IOW, normally, what would be the expected process is that you start your new scene, go to your Character library tab, load up a character by double-clicking on it, move it where you wish it to be by using the "Object" menu controls (x,y,z) and pose it, either using a Pose applied to it from the Pose library tab and then, since you created a custom "pool noodle", it would be assumed that you imported that and then moved it to where you wanted it to be.

    Does that sound familiar?