Problem saving parented cameras to the library

  • I've just run into an issue where I'm trying to save an automatically parented (Posing or Face) camera to the library. This works normally for figures directly parented to the UNIVERSE actor (as happens by default when the figure is loaded from the library). But when I parent the figure to a grouping object so that I can relocate the figure relative to some architecture props and still use library poses which set the BODY actor's translations and rotations, I can no longer see the Face or Posing cameras when I click on the Select Subset button after choosing the + add to library in the Cameras tab of the library.

    Has anyone else seen this, before I report the feature as a bug?

    Running macOS Poser Pro

    0_1509342141713_Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 4.41.39 pm.png

    If I select a figure which is not parented to a grouping object, I get what I expect to see:
    0_1509342263502_Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 4.43.19 pm.png

  • I should add that in the grouping object parented figure situation, if I ignore the Select Subset option and just save all the cameras, both the Posing and Face cameras are actually saved to the library with all the other scene cameras, so I have a work-around, if I'm prepared to edit the saved camera pose directly and remove everthing except the Posing or Face camera.

  • @anomalaus what happens if you select the parent object, does your child object appear in the hierarchy?

  • @amethystpendant it makes no difference whether I select the grouping object, the Body of the figure parented to the grouping object or the Posing or Face camera itself, the camera does not appear in the Select Subset hierarchy.

    The logic for populating the hierarchy appears to break when the figure is parented to a grouping object.

    That's not the only strangeness with such things, if the grouping object is scaled, the figure scales with it, as expected, but clothing figures conformed to that figure but not separately parented to the grouping object do not inherit the grouping object's scale, despite having their inherit scale option checked on the figure. Subsequently parenting them to the grouping object is not an option, as they are already conforming their translations to the first parented figure via conforming.

    The whole scheme seems to have been insufficiently thought out, or is failing in its consistent implementation.