Upgrade to v11.0.8.xx made my PP11 into a plain P11

  • I have contacted Support over this, but I want to advise all PPro11 upgraders that this happened to me. My Pro licence and Download Manager ended up giving my the P11 upgrade instead of the PPro11 upgrade. A bit annoyed. Careful how you go about upgrading, even with DLM.

  • The files should be the same, as it is the license key that defines the version. Did Proser Pro 11 turn into plain P11 after you installed the update? That would be worrisome...

  • @ibr_remote
    I'm not seeing that here, but I typically download the full installer instead of the update.

  • I have heard from SM Tech Support - The splash screen still says PP11, so it must be. I lost all my content in the upgrade so I was confused and thought I had the wrong software.

  • @ibr_remote I just updated last week, with no problems. Well, my library is acting a little wonky, but otherwise.... I'm good.

  • I upgraded one of my installs and despite selecting the option to use existing prefs it deleted them. That was an inconvenience and I had to reattach my runtimes. Waiting a bit before I do my main Poser install.

  • Hmmm.. I just did the updates and my Pro version is fine.

    Windows 7 Pro. Could this issue be OS specific? Anyone on other OSs having this issue?

  • At launch of Poser Pro 11, I did get a bad parse at line 2 XML error or something, but it goes away on re-launch. ( SM tech Support saw that screencap as well).

  • @ibr_remote said in Upgrade to v11.0.8.xx made my PP11 into a plain P11:

    At launch of Poser Pro 11, I did get a bad parse at line 2 XML error or something, but it goes away on re-launch. ( SM tech Support saw that screencap as well).

    Do you have any script packages installed that are in the "Add Ons" menu that get called by the Poser exe on startup? IIRC, the issue with some of these errors is that some scripts don't have delays, so Poser hasn't yet set the environment up for them before they start looking for it.

  • @morkonan Oh.... that's likely . But I will have to eliminate and identify which. That's a good point.

  • My library is still acting wonky since the update. For some reason I can't seem to find Dusk and Dawn in my Poser library since I updated Poser with the latest SR.

  • @eclark1849 Do you use multiple runtimes? I have one labeled old runtime and then the standard PP11 runtime. PP11 doesn't f**k with my old runtime.

  • @ghostship in my case, I was silly and allowed the installer to uninstall the older version - everything went with it. UGH ! That one is on me.

  • Hi folks! Two days ago I had a nice happy day. I discovered my cellular phone service provides better, much faster internet access than our DSL here. And minutes later I downloaded the PP 11 SR8. I installed it, and didn't see anything spectacular going on. That's a GOOD thing in my experience. I did deliberately close PP 11, a couple times. Just to make sure any temp files were gone. Then restarted it, loaded this, that, the other, CTL-N new scene a few times, load a G2F figure and start posing, rendering, saving it, giving the G2F a workout, as this has seen some odd issues with stability in the past. Well, it is still loaded, still working, and still behaving itself. As one might say with some relief, "Remarkably Unremarkable!". Except the render speed for Firefly with standard 3 light set, SSS etc. is really fast. Also, seems that the Library is doing better.
    I'm happy, so far! Looking real nice from here!

  • For anyone who might be interested: Early in my days of using Poser, ver. 6, I learned a hard lesson about keeping content separate from PROGRAMS. DATA sets that are usable across platforms, software whatever, fare much better when kept off to the side. So, I keep all my executable stuff on drive C, the system drive. I keep all my archived stuff, such as downloaded zips of content, on a separate drive. Then on any number of drives, I keep Content. I have close to 4 dozen 'Runtimes' set up on a 1 TB hd, and as installed, I am burning these to BD-R disks. 25 gigs. About 23 gigs usable. Too many spinner drives have died the death on me. I am not so trusting any more. Not when it took me over a year to rebuild my Runtime back up to usable state, but in several dozen individual Runtimes. I will never again install my content to the programs own folders. I have had the vanishing runtime happen too. Then, more rencently, a more than 800 gig single Runtime vanished, on its own HD. The drive crashed. New HD. And eyeing a 1 TB SSD now.
    This simply shows your DATA is fragile, volatile. Take good care of it!

  • I keep all my content on a separate drive, including the Poser content. When I install Poser, I install the MAIN runtime content on my D drive. And then I have all my external runtimes in a master folder called CONTENT (with Animals, DAZ Females, DAZ Males, Hair, Props, Resources, etc etc beneath that).

    When I install Poser, and when it comes to choosing where to install the content files, I choose the "Other Location" option from the Select Content Location folder. I just point it to my D drive, and it installs it into a folder named D:\Poser 11 Content automatically.

    ANY external content that I purchase gets installed into one of the many external libraries that also reside beneath that other D:\Content folder (NOT the D:\Poser 11 Content folder). The ONLY content that is in the D:\Poser 11 Content folder is the stuff furnished with Poser; or, any scripts and stuff that have to be located in that folder in order to run properly. But then, if I purchase something for VIctoria 4, for example, it will go into my D:\Content\DAZ Female runtime.

    I also have at least 15 years worth of content installers backed up on another backup drive. 8-)

  • Heh! Yeah I am sure in all that time you learned a thing or three too. I could have paid closer attention to WHY most people were creating a batch of separate Runtime sets. Might have saved my old self a little heartache here and there.
    Likely in an "industrial" or business setting everything each person does will be contained. Means using the program folders for content in all liklihood.
    But, not in my case. So. I work it out best for me. :o)

  • I've always used external runtimes. Because they usually fill up with crap... I don't want the possibility of borking up the main install. Plus, I never have to worry when reinstalling or updating. They only issue I ever encounter is Python scripts that get confused and need their libraries/refs to be in the program root runtime.

  • I just upgraded my PP11 from SR7 to SR8, and it was uneventful except that it showed the SR6 readme...

  • Yeah, I was just looking at that too. Running a little render in PP 11 right now. I am enjoying the overall speed improvements between the Library and main program. My old quadcore is nearly an antique now. PP 2014 and PP 11 have both been great improvements over the older versions. I WOULD like to see a way to simply turn that social media stuff OFF. Even have them make it modular and removable! There ya go! Maybe that would be two or three LESS "Chromiums" needed to operate the Library module. Grrr. Half a gig of ram is half a gig of ram. And I have just 8 gigs of the stuff to do everything with.
    What did happen to the actual SR8 readme?