switched from Manga Studio 5.0 to 5.02 and experiencing font size discrepancies.

  • Greetings, I switched from Manga Studio 5.0 to 5.02 and experiencing font size discrepancies. I used and installed the same fonts and they say size is the same but they appear out of place and smaller in BALLOON. Any help would be great! Momo

  • I had saved
    projects in 5.0 and open them in 5.02

  • Go to your preferences and check whether you're using pt or Q for font units. Whichever one it's on is different than the original so just switch it.

  • @garlam Thank you, I checked again and everything seems set the same way (I have top laptops side by side one running 5.0 the other 5.02) and still 5.02 seems to put the font SMACK ATTACK BB in all bold instead of regular + some words bold and the sizing (even if the numbers are the same 8.6) do not fit into BALLOON the same way. Arrrg!!!...:)

  • Go to File>Preferences>Ruler/Unit and check your text unit measurement. It's different on the two laptops

  • @garlam Thanks again, but I checked Ruler/Unit and everything is the same except, in 5.0 there is not TEXT UNIT BOX as there is in 5.02 (with the option of Q or px) but if I click either one and open a project the lettering is still messed up in the BALLOON even if when I scroll on the letters they indicate same font and size as on my 5.0? Thanks again for your time, I am really baffled. Cheers, Momo

  • 5.0 was quite a while ago. It's hard to think back and try to remember how it was set up. I'd suggest updating. But the discrepancy in size has to do with the units. Points (the Postscript point) is 0.352777mm which is a very awkward unit of measurement for the parts of the world that use the metric system. The Q is 0.25mm (1 quarter of a millimeter). This makes the Q a smaller unit of measurement than the pt. On the computer that has the option of changing the units, try changing the unit and compare it to the size of the font on the other laptop.

  • @garlam Once again, thank you very much for your help, I will look into that, but what is worrisome is also the displacement of the text in the balloon as well as the size discrepancy.