Can I exclude the cover from page count?

  • When I make a story the cover is labled Cover Page, inside cover is labled Cover Page (back), and the next page is labeled page 3. I want that page to say page 1 not 3. Can I do this in the settings somewhere?

  • I've never come across a way of changing the page numbers in the page management system. When working with page management you just have to let it do it's thing. There is a way to add page numbers outside of the trim on the canvas (so it isn't included in the final cut of the page) and have it start at 1 on the inside page. When you include page numbers, be sure to start them at -1.

  • OK. Thank you.
    I guess I will just renumber my scripts to start on page 3 :-)
    Easiest solution is usually best.