help with setting up template for drawing comic books

  • hi, I'm new to CSP, and I want to setup a template in 1:1 scale that would match DC Comics. I measured a typical printed comic book (e.g.Cat Woman), so I want finished size 6.63" x 10.24", drawings/panels in a rectangle about 5.9" x 9.2".
    So here's what I have so far in CSP:
    Binding (finish) size: w=6.63", h=10.24", bleed = 0.20",
    Default inner size: w= 5.90", h=9.30", x offset =0, y offset =0
    resolution = 350dpi

    I don't know what canvas width and height to use? Obviously the bigger the more heavy on RAM, etc.

    Big thanks.

  • @impasto
    Here's the settings for DC, Note that it's 600ppi:
    0_1509921295873_Screenshot 2017-11-05 16.32.49.png

  • Thank you.
    I converted these numbers to inches and they are slightly different, especially your recommended bleed width is considerably smaller. Is it official recommendations from DC Comics, or there is some amount of freedom in choosing these numbers?
    Also, 600dpi will take much more computer resources than 350dpi. Is 600dpi what most people use?
    P.s. I'm an aspiring artist now, but I don't want to finish a project, and realize it's not publishable due to some technicality.

  • That's the dimensions I've been using for years for DC, with the template supplied by them. 600 dpi is a must.

  • great, thanks.

  • Black and white line art at 600 ppi print size shouldn't strain your computer much. Color art can have a lower resolution

  • The project is color with black&white line art, so I'm not sure if 600dpi necessary?

    Upon entering your template numbers, I noticed the center crop mark falls outside of the paper:
    is it ok?

  • Yes, that's right. And if you're doing black and white line art separate from the color layers, it should be 600 dpi. Do the line art in one file, and then do the color in another file at 400dpi.

  • I'll try with 600dpi, and see if it's doable on my computer.
    Big thanks.