Gradient don't work on correction layer

  • Hello

    I have a problem when I use the gradient tool on a correction layer. Indeed it seems the gradient don't apply at all.
    Is there something special to do when applying on a correction layer ?

    Thank you !

  • Don't apply the gradient to the correction layer - apply it to the mask.

  • It is what I do. I apply the gradient on the right layer (100% white).
    I see the tool on my work, I drag it, but nothing happens.
    I choosed "foreground to background" option, "drawing on editing layer", opacity 100%, blending : normal... So I think everything is ok with my options...

  • You need to go from transparent pixels to opaque pixels

  • I should explain that the mask only uses alpha and opaque pixels. If your mask is filled with opaque you need to erase all of the opaque pixels then apply a mask using transparent pixels to opaque pixels

  • Do you mean "Foregroung to transparent" option ? Even with this option, I get nothing

    If I do the same operation on a "free" layer, the gradient works. That's strange...!
    I send a picture :


  • Go on your mask and use the eraser. Go nuts with it. See what happens. Now erase every pixel from that layer and apply a gradient using transparent pixels to opaque

  • After erasing, the thum on the right became black (instead of white).
    I see what was the problem : the opacity on the second colour of the "foreground to transparent" option was of 100% instead of 0%. So it was not transparent at all !
    That's why I always get full white layer.

    I thank you very much for your help !