clip studio paint ipad app!

  • First, let me say that the app looks amazing! What an amazing surprise!

    However... the proposed $8.99/month subscription makes zero sense to me. That's not even comparable to the desktop app, nor does it make sense when put up against comparable ipad apps. Affinity photo is a flat $20, procreate $10, medibang paint with cloud storage and desktop app are free, and sketchbook pro is a $30/year fee and gives you access to all mobile and desktop versions.

    There may be professionals who will gladly make that kind of payment and see it as a simple business expense. However, I honestly can't see your average user justifying that cost. I think that most users would happily pay $20 to $30 for the app, but the subscription model is crazy to me.

  • Sell the app! don't rent it at $9.00 a month this is 108.00 for an app that is not right if you keep it for two years that is $216 way too much money to pay. This is unacceptable!Are you really going to be a greedy as Adobe?

  • first of all, your first year is going to be half of that price (celsys offers free six months for users signing up prior to Dec. 20-th, 2017);

    second, this is the EX version - I have a hunch they're working on a cheaper, stripped down PRO one as well, it's just not out yet.

    third, you are welcome to discontinue supporting them once your free trial runs out - I believe they'll get the hint.

  • The point is: after dicember this app is for...who? As stand alone is very expensive, the professionals use desktop program, 12 inch is hard to work whit comics. Maybe the purpose is to put csp desktop on subscription next year? Make a bundle?

  • I can speculate why it is priced the way it is (keeping in mind apple keeps 30 % off subscription
    price), and why they went with subscription model while the typical appstore app is usually offered as a single purchase + extra coins for brushes and/or optional tools,
    it's fairly obvious they are only offering two months of time to enroll into free trial to maximize their user base as fast as possible. it will be interesting if they end up never offer permanent iOs licenses the way they do with desktop at this point, though.

    also, Japanese iOs apps can be very expensive as well (look at jrpg prices for iphone for example) - they actually might be pretty realistic about their target market's buying power, considering it is still an application targeted at the Asian market in the first place.

    the professionals use desktop program

    but I suppose illustrators who now can use it during train commute, or as a quick presentation/pitch tool during client meeting sessions will think otherwise?

    Maybe the purpose is to put csp desktop on subscription next year?

    I won't be surprised if this change comes with ver. 2,0 once it is out, but I don't think they will push for desktop subscriptions.
    it makes no sense to ditch the cash flow from the higher upgrade price in favor of more regular, but smaller monthly subscriptions.

    I'd be okay with a 12-month sub, billed annually, tho.

  • can't edit my previous post, but according to support rep's comment here -
    they are not planning to introduce permanent licenses for iOs, it's always going to be subscription-only, but they're somewhat open to user feedback.

  • @nekomata not even worth the effort. As long as there is a subscription model with monthly payment, is not even worth the try. Much better to stay with other apps like Pricreate, etc.

  • @nekomata the answer is simple. NO to monthly payments. Let’s stay away from the app. If no one subscribes, they will sell it.

  • Bizarre pricing, but I guess the devs probably took into account that Ipad Pro don't have that many users, and if you can afford one to do art you will can probably afford to pay the monthly fee. Either that or I suspect that they are testing the waters with the subscription model before rolling it out for the desktop version. I can't imagine Smith Micro can forever keep updating the application for free. Knowing that CSP now corner the manga/comic digital drawing market, they have a large enough user base to tread the same path as Adobe and charge a subscription. It's very sad but it is what it is.

  • @garysan I don’t think they do it for free. We always pay every time a major new upgrade comes along. Upgrades are not free. They get money. No need for subscriptions. The way for them to make money is to stay away from subscriptions, but keep charging for mayor upgrades.

  • @billhdz There never has been an upgrade to Clip Studio Paint. Manga Studio 4 was the old Comic Studio. Smith Micro was a reseller and rebranded the software Manga Studio. That software was discontinued. Clip Studio was new and Smith Micro rebranded it as an upgrade to the old Manga Studio 4 (Comic Studio) and called it Manga Studio 5. If I recall, even though Manga Studio 4 had nothing to do with Manga Studio 5, Smith Micro still offered a decent discount to owners of Manga Studio 4. When Clip Studio was rolled out in English it was already at version 1.5.. There have been a number of free updates since and we're now at v.1.6.7 without having to pay an extra dime.

    I'll still never pay for a subscription though.

  • @garlam

    I thought it was at 1.68 (?)

    *Though my own install is 1.67

  • @garlam correct, updates are free and upgrades are paid. That’s what they need to keep doing. They need to charge for mayor upgrades. I have no problem with that. The same on the iPad. I have no problem paying for mayor upgrades. The software industry has done this for many years.

  • @garlam said in clip studio paint ipad app!:

    When Clip Studio was rolled out in English it was already at version 1.5.

    1.38, actually - that's the earliest installer I have here on mac, dated may 9-th 2015.

    I don't get the aversion to subscription model tbh; I don't have any interest in animation/comics creation, therefore EX version is an overkill for me.

    CSP Pro with same brushes I use on desktop going mobile would be a no-brainer purchase for me.

    I also don't get the aggression towards an app that currently gives you half year of free unrestricted usage tbh.

  • In principle I don't object to the subscription model in the sense that if you want continued improvements then they have to have a a continued revenue scheme . BUT I have two problems with this one from Celsys

    1. the proposed sum is too high ( particularly if you have already purchased perpetual licences from them. )
    2. too few improvements are of any use to me.... e.g. In the last upgrade ( the first upgrade outside japan in ages) the only thing that is potentially useful to me is the ability to transfer Actions between Action sets.... and even that I have not used yet.... why would I pay subscription charges for so little improvement ? In 8 years of using their software they have never made any significant improvement to the awful Text engine from a western user perspective. I remain a huge fan of their Drawing engine ... but even that has stayed almost static since the first release of Clip Studio.

    They add features, like animation, that will interest new users... which is fine and gives them new users as a revenue stream.... but if they move to subscription then they need to make more effort to delight existing users.

  • Hello.
    Has anyone tested it?

  • @gonzalomartinez said in clip studio paint ipad app!:

    Has anyone tested it?


  • @gonzalomartinez Yea. It's amazing, they pretty much ported the whole desktop app to the IOS platform. I haven't tried all the functions yet, but so far everything I need from the application is included. But the price after the free trial is disappointing

  • @garysan Thank you for you answer.
    Yes, I agree on the price issue. But I was curious on the performance. My everyday comicbook work is on a mac mini 2012 and a Cintiq 13HD on 600 dpi comic pages and the performance is flawless. I have a ATIV smart PC 700 to work on travel and it's not quite good for full work. May be on sketch and rough pencils stage only.

  • @Micmac Thank you. Yes, I found something on youtube but I'm interested in knowing about the performance of the app on ipad specifically on comic book art.