clip studio paint ipad app!

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    @Micmac Thank you. Yes, I found something on youtube but I'm interested in knowing about the performance of the app on ipad specifically on comic book art.


  • @Micmac Thank you!! David Arroyo make a very detailed review. Thank you again.

  • @gonzalomartinez yup, most of the features that I regularly use are available. But it's clearly a lazy port. The menu systems are very small and there is lag in some weird places. The brushes will also lag pretty bad when you increase in size. I don't know how much the system will stutter for large file sizes. So overall, all the features you want are probably there, but they are clearly not optimized for the ipad (i have the 1st gen ipad pro 12), so you may have difficulty in using the program to its full potential as you would on a desktop or even tablet pc for that matter.

  • @froggy4646 Thank you, helpful comment. I expect a natural behavior of the pencil on a grayscale 600 dpi comic page environment. I can streamline the tool panels to its minimum so that's no problem to me.

    It's just that I need a good tool to work on travel, not to replace my desktop system (Upgraded 2012 Mac Mini + Cintiq 13HD). I've been thinking on the Samsung Galaxy book or the most expensive Microsoft surface book. As I mentioned earlier, I own a Samsung ATIV smart PC and it's not good enough.

    Then I read the news about CSP for iPad and it made me rethink the whole thing.

    Thank you very much for your help and the help of the community.

  • @gonzalomartinez no problem, glad to help! I've had the surface pro 4 and currently have the samsung galaxy book. Things to keep in mind is that the surface line uses ntrig, so they have a bit of jitter that I find annoying. Additionally, they are pretty solid and heavy, which is a bit annoying with longer term use. The galaxy book works pretty well, and the stylus has two nibs, a rubbery one with more grip and a plasticky one that runs smoother. The biggest issue I think is the galaxy books battery life, which is pretty poor. This is unfortunate as the screen is gorgeous, but you eat up battery when as you get brighter. It's portability is pretty amazing though.

  • @froggy4646 Thanks!! Sorry for the off topic (CSP and iPad) but you're the person I need to talk to :)

    You own a Samsung Galaxy Book. ¿What size? Both have different processors.
    Do you use CSP for comic book art?
    Does the pencil tool work natural and accurate? I don't do colors.
    How much the battery last (more or less).
    Thank you in advance.

  • @gonzalomartinez I have the 12 inch version. I don't use csp for comic art, but I do have the ex version. Pencil tool is very good, keep in mind you can alter and edit it to your hearts content. There is some parallax with the stylus, def more than the ipad pro or the old galaxy note tablets. A nice thing, it uses the classic wacom emr tech. So a bunch of different styluses should work, from any of the note phone/tablet devices to wacom bamboo ones. If you are working on it, bat life is probably 6 hours depending on how bright you have the thing. Supposedly you can get up to 10 hours, but I think that's with very light use at very low settings. That being said, it has 2 usb c connectors, so juicing up should be fast and easy.

  • Just got the iPad app after being a long time user of the desktop version. Really excited as it's been working great.

    I'm just wondering if anyone else is noticing a significant battery drain when using the app?

    I understand that using more powerful apps will eat up battery faster, but I'm just wondering if this is the norm for others as well with this specific application.

  • @natashaho Which Ipad do you own? I run the Ipad Pro 2017 IOS 11.1. Can confirm the app does drain battery quite fast, I'd say similar level to Paintstorm.

  • @garysan I own the same one. Hoping this will get improved in the future, but if this is what it takes to run the app, I'm willing to sacrifice the battery a bit.

    Thanks anyway for the reply. Just wanted to make sure it wasn't just my iPad acting up.

  • Yeah, the subscription for iPad models is indeed too expensive for most of us. I might not think about subscribing to it anyway unless I am serious in need.

  • Did you see this. I dont think it to bad:

    The new PRO grade and an annual plan will be available for iPad App “CLIP STUDIO PAINT” from late April.
    PRO Monthly price 4.49 USD / Annual price 24.99 USD [50% OFF for an annual plan]
    EX Monthly price 8.99 USD / Annual price 71.99 USD [33% OFF for an annual plan]

  • @Micmac It's nice that they have a separate pro and monthly price. However, I still think their pricing model doesn't make sense, particularly for the pro service. The desktop program is $50 bucks and regularly on sale. Popular digital drawing programs on the ipad include skechbook, which does have a subscription model ($25 a year) but allows you access to the program across multiple platforms (ipad, mac, android, windows). On the ipad, $1 unlocks all the pro level tools. Procreate is $10 bucks and I believe the most popular program. That being said, I admit these have less features than the CSP app. However, affinity photo is a comparable app and that is a one time $20 fee. Additionally, medibang paint is a free program with cross platform functionality and serves as a CSP light in my opinion with many comparable features. Therefore, the pricing structure is in a strange place in my opinion.

    Overall, I think a pricing structure that makes sense is to have a subscription model for the ex version, but a one time fee ($20 to $25) for the pro version. This would make sense to the range of potential and current CSP users.

  • @froggy4646 I agree. Everyone needs to say NO to the subscription model. Spread the word.

  • If they want to charge a monthly fee they could at least be actively working on the issues we have been reporting in all the years I’ve been here. Especially the poor English text support.

    Instead they want money for nothing. They disappear for 6 months and then hit us with updates that fix one or two little bugs, or new features are targeted at animation, which is not why most of us are here.

    Instead of funding a great comic app, we are expected to pay r&d for a poor animation app.