Alternate Construct?

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    Ok ... just jumped into the scenes that came with Poser Pro 11. And saw this ... and wondering. What is different between this and the construct that loads into the default document window. I've found no documentation on it.

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    Nothing. It's there if one would want it back after loading the old style.

  • @Ghostman Exactly! For some reason I, and a couple of other folks I know, loaded up PP11 for the first time, and found the "old" Ground prop as the default, but when I checked the Construct in the Props folder, it wasn't the same, because it didn't replace the old Ground plane.

    The one in the Scenes folder, however, does replace the Ground plane, so that's what most folks saw when they first loaded up PP11. I'm not sure why mine didn't have it that way, but I'm now glad it didn't, because I like using BB's EnvSphere set, or Snarly's EZDome script, which utilizes BB's EnvSphere, if I want to use a HDRi setup.

  • yeah, the construct is loaded by default but is called "ground."

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    @Boni They both reference the same geometry (...geometries\primitives\construct.obz), so I think the term "alternate" is probably an early development reference to the construct as being an alternative to the old Poser ground plane.

  • @ghostship said in Alternate Construct?:

    yeah, the construct is loaded by default but is called "ground."

    For some reason, my PP11 didn't have the Construct loaded by default. In fact, I found it strange when folks on some of the forums were saying it was the "new" Ground, when that wasn't what I was seeing. That's when I went looking for it, and found it in the Scenes folder.

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    @Miss-B The construct is also in props\primitives.

  • @seachnasaigh Yes Seach, that's where I first noticed it, but that just "adds" the Construct to the scene, so you have to "hide" the old Ground plane. The one in the Scenes folder actually "replaces" the old Ground plane, which is what I think was done in most cases with PP11, just not my copy.

  • If you're wanting the construct to load in your default scene as the ground, since it's not currently, try loading the scene thepad2016 and deleting everything except the ground. Then set up the rest of your preferred scene as desired.

    I will admit, I prefer the ground plane and loaded my p10 preferred scene into p11 and saved that as my preferred scene.

  • @redphantom Yes, it's easy enough to do, but like you, I prefer the old setup, probably because that's what I'm used to.