Editing obj files?

  • I have a model that has some armor I want to remove, it is part of the geometry and can't just be removed or hidden, but there is real character skin underneath. I can edit it and remove the armor fine in Blender but then the obj doesn't load when trying to use it with Poser. How do I go about editing geometry in Blender and maintaining the rigging, scale, etc so it just works in Poser? Thanks!

  • You can't. Simple answer.

    If you change the object, you change the grouping, and remove the rigging.

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    You'll need to regroup the modified obj file so that it can take the rig from the original character.

  • OK, when I replace the OBJ with the modified OBJ, no model is displayed, some addon props do appear, but the character isn't there. I can then import the OBJ, but then the bones disappear. Do you have steps I could follow? I literally have brain damage so all handholding is appreciated. These things are hard for me.

  • @eternityblue Why don't you just create a transparency map to "turn off" that part of the model?

    Yes, it will take some effort, but a lot less effort than rigging it all over again.

  • @Glitterati3D I already looked into doing that, the model uses one map for the whole thing. I'll see if creative editing it helps.

  • @eternityblue Well, yeah, most models use one map. You'll have to get creative with the selection tools of your favorite 2D program, but that's still easier than re-rigging.

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    Using transparency maps would be easier and faster, agreed.

    But if you want the model to take other clothing and add-ons, then regrouping/re-rigging would be a more permanent solution. Since I have no idea what the model looks like there's no way to really gauge how difficult it is. It wouldn't necessarily be a full re-rig. You don't have to rebuild a rig from scratch, just put the rig from the original figure back into the modified, regrouped figure. There will likely be some adjustments needed to the joints afterwards though.

    It also helps to know what version of Poser you're using.

  • @Glitterati3D Yeah, I tried, with this model and my workflow (I need good Preview renders for animation) editing just a trans map is not working. I have to use the HQ transparency setting and that is unworkable. So regrouping or just getting a different character seems my better options.

  • I'm on 2014 gd. I have zero experience rigging in Poser.
    It is Vanishing Point's werewolf.

  • OK, I just figured out how to transfer a skeleton from the original model to the new OBJ, I have it all working but there are some glitches. I didn't get the bones in the exact places and so it is a bit weird, but for the most part it works.

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    You'll need to open the joint editor and adjust the fall-off zones for all the joints that are causing problems. If all the groups are named correctly to match the bones in the rig, then the fall-off zones should be all you need to adjust. Unless it is a weightmapped figure, but from the looks of it, it probably is not.

    You only have to do one side of the figure, then mirror it to the other side by using the symmetry command in the figure menu.

    But, if there were any morphs in the original figure, then all of those will have to be rebuilt.

  • OK, it is pretty good except for the head morphs and a couple fingers when bent to extremes, opening the mouth is all whacked. But learning is good :) I feel a lot more empowered than I did a couple hours ago with this.

    The eyes are bad too. It didn't preserve I guess the old seams, it created new ones, I'll have to work on the import but 90% is good though.