Tab-mate controller alternative for american users

  • With the Tab-mate controller being only available in Japan(unless you want to spend a lot of money for the shipping). Has anyone found a good alternative for American users? I used to use a PlayStation move controller with software like motion joy; but, recently due to a few "updates" with Windows 10 and motion joy dead. I've a bit stumped here. I would go out and purchase a keypad for my system, but it was so much easier with a controller similar to the PlayStation move. Anyone found any alternatives that they have been using in their products to provide for this conundrum??

  • Antimicro is the way to go in my opinion. Free, and has a lot more options than other key mappers. In particular, it has a the option to assign a press to "shift", giving you access to more keybinds. I got it with this simple bluetooth gamepad. It's one of those cheap chinese models, but it has a unique form factor that lets you hold it in one hand.

  • Hey thanks @froggy4646 . I did go ahead and purchase this device and a bluetooth dongle for it. I am still trying to figure out how to hook it up so that it will allow for key mapping. Do you know a software I can use to map this device?

  • @AlstonA cool! The software name is 'antimicro'. Also be sure you are in gamepad mode for the controller.

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