Perspective ruler disappear after I save( and no it's not a snap issue!)

  • Hello! If anyone could help this would be great because this take a lot of time to fix ;_;

    It happened two times! I save my drawing, then reopen it a few hours later and...

    All my progress is there. Except my perspective ruler seems to have disappeared. I play around with the snaps and the layer called perspective ruler is still there but it seem there is no actual ruler anymore. I read about reactivating the ruler but I do not find any ruler at all, so I can't really check the color

    See my screencap!!![alt text](0_1510672955259_219ae421-002e-40dd-8562-28145fffa8ad-image.png image url)

    If anyone have a solution it would be much appreciated. For now I will expand my canvas and mark the vanishing points on it so if it happen again I can replace the perspective ruler easily.


  • Not sure why that might be happening, but try to duplicate the ruler before you close the file. You can alt/option and drag a copy of the ruler to another layer. Or duplicate the whole layer. Also you could save the ruler to your materials.