Unbelievably frustrated

  • I spent a month working on a project, only to find there are serious issues with it once it plays; the animation sticks, and there is nothing in the manual to help me address it. I wrote to support, and it’s been very difficult getting specific help, timely responses, detailed step-by-step instructions. If I had known that this company does so little to support its product, I would have gone somewhere else. I might still have to. The month of work may or may not have been a total waste, depending on whether SmithMicro can help. I’m so frustrated with this—The manual is fine as long as there are no issues. There is nothing to help me troubleshoot. There is so much that is missing from the manual—it’s like I have to already know how to do the program, before the manual can be understood. I have some background in using graphic arts programs, and that’s the only way I’ve gotten through. If anyone from SmithMicro is listening, now is the time to jump in and help salvage this. I am a writer, and will produce many book trailers in my day, but if this doesn’t turn around, I will not only never use your product again, I will recommend to other writers that they avoid it like the plague. Please support your product!

  • Make sure you only respond to your original message, and only respond if absolutely needed to provide more details. Additional responses will make your case appear as recently updated and Support responds to cases in order of the last update, responding to oldest cases first. Updating a case will move it to the end of the queue.

    Requests for support that you provided a file and/or system information is reviewed in Lab, so response can be delayed depending on number of cases needing review. I suspect that is the issue.

    For your issue... is it sticking in Playback after exported? Do you have a Stop Point or any sort of pause set in the Animation?

    Do you have a link for the Animation on the web?

  • @ratscloset Thanks for replying. I finally got a response from support, saying just what you’d said, that because I’d sent in a file it had to be reviewed by the lab. They hadn’t written for days, and I’d written post after feeling like no one was listening.

    I haven’t exported the file yet, as I wanted to try to sort out the issue beforehand. The “stickiness” —in which the program appears to be loading, only happens on the first play; after that, the animation runs according to what I put in. I don’t know if image size is causing it to “load” but if so, why wouldn’t it happen in subsequent plays?

    I have also asked to be told how to end the video. It feels so basic, but I can’t find where it says how to end it. I’ve toggled the visibility, but there is dead space at the end, because I’m missing how to give the final cut command. I also have an audio file that i”m not sure how to end, although if I can figure out the “final cut” tool it would probably take care of the audio, as well.

    This is such a cool program, and I really hope I can get the book trailer to work, because when it does, it’s amazing. Any insight you can give me would be very appreciated!!!