Can't use HCS with Roxie.

  • I'm not sure when the issue really started, but today I wanted to convert a hair from v4 to Roxie, which is something I've done often in the past. Now the Hair Conversion System by Netherworks refuses to work with Roxie. When I try to initialize the script it tells me to load a supported figure. I tested the Roxie_dev rig and the script worked fine there, which I thought was a possibility. My thoughts are that I either inadvertently changed the base Roxie figure... somehow, or there was an content update for PP11 that changed Roxie to make it unrecognizable to the HCS.

    I guess there's nothing I can do about it if it was an update, but if I messed it up, how do I revert my Roxie figure back to default without reinstalling the entire programs content?

  • @johndoe641

    Not really familiar with "Roxie."

    IIRC, the HCS is just a rig with magnets assigned to the "neck" group and child rigging. (some with restricted rotations)

    It's possible the "dev" Roxie figure doesn't have any special rigs like the "face rigging" which may interfere with HCS's standard conform to the head/neck rigging of a "supported figure." The HCS script may be looking at all parent/child rigging in that group and, because of the extra face rigging in the user-figure, not recognizing it as a supported figure.

    ie: You didn't change the Roxie figure/rig, it's just a different rig than the dev rig, maybe? Weightmapping differences, perhaps?

    Again, not familiar with the Roxie rig and can't examine my own HCS item to see what it's trying to conform to. IIRC, though it's a nice product and all, it's not overly complicated and you could create one on your own, from scratch, relatively easily. (Null geometry, rig it for or a Roxie "head/neck" bone arrangement common to most "Roxie" compatible conforming hair, or just inject one you like if it's for your own use, then add on the child rigs, joint edit those as appropriate, parent up magnets, target them to the hair model you're using, yada/yada and you're fine.)

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    There were no changes to Roxie in P11, and she doesn't have any facial rigging beyond what her dev rig counterpart has.

    There was an update to Rex and Roxie a while back (prior to game dev release), putting them both at version1.1, but the dev rig did not get the update. It's possible this is the issue you're having.

    But, any hair fits made for the dev rig should work on the main figure as far as I can tell. (I dont have hcs so I can't test it).

  • @johndoe641 Try decompressing and loading the Roxie obz. file I think I had a similar issue with the Roxie HCS and that's what Joe told me to do. If the forum was still operational I'd just point you to that thread, because i know we discussed it.

  • Yes, the Roxie1.1 changes messed up the original HCS Roxie definition, but Joe updated it.

    My version of HCS works on Roxie1.1 just fine. I just did a conversion on Hesperia hair.

  • @Glitterati3D Thanks Traci. I knew it had something to do with the object file, but as that was about four or five years ago for me, I've forgotten the specifics.

  • I didn't realize that Roxie was updated between Poser versions and HCS had an update. I downloaded the HCS update and everything is working again! Thanks!

  • @johndoe641 As I recall, it was because the Face Room was not recognizing Rex and Roxie.

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    When Rex and Roxie first came out, they had geometry lashes and these faces were not faceroom compatible.

    That is why Rex and Roxie 1.1 came out with transmapped lashes and they were faceroom compatible again..