Weird superfly shadowing - help please

  • Hey guys, trying to convert Goldtassel's bowlcut hair to work in Poser by exporting as obj and retexturing but I'm encountering a weird superfly effect that makes the hair style look like the transparency mask is not properly set up resulting in a black base to the texture.

    To try to identify the offending texture, I removed all textures and masks one at a time, setting transparency to max and specular off, which in theory should make the model completely invisible once I've applied it to all parts. I'm using a standard Poser surface node, and as you see, a shadow or untextured part of the model remains visible in Superfly renders, even when everything is set to transparent.
    If I set the model status to not visible, of course, the space where it was renders empty as expected. Likewise, if I render exactly the same transparency settings in Firefly the transparency renders just fine.
    Does anyone have any thoughts or solutions to this other than creating a Cycles node from scratch?

  • Here are my superfly and material settings

  • Seems like insufficient Min Transparent Bounces. Try 8 or 16.

  • @phdubrov Ah spot on - that's solved it. Thanks!