Converting from DAZ to Poser

  • Hi guys, I'm aware of wilddial and lululee's solution for converting genesis 3 females to Poser, but this seems only to work fully with genesis 3 female.

    I want to convert Genesis 3 and 8 males as well. More importantly, I want to convert hair styles. My current hair conversion workflow is to export the hair model as an obj then import and re-texture. Obj export does not retain morphs, so my next step looks like using Ralf Sessler's DSF Toolbox to convert all of the DSF morph files, then reattaching them to the obj.

    The obj does not appear to retain object zones though, so perhaps FBX is a better solution?

    Anyway, long story short, does anyone have know of or have a better solution for converting DAZ only models with morphs? Does anyone know of an effective way of converting Genesis 3+ figures apart from the female? Does the wilddial solution work with clothes?

  • There's a thread on Renderosity, may be the general one for their app/process, that details how someone successfully converted Gen 8 to Poser. Given what is necessary for the basic operation, I don't think it was that big of a deal. I'm not at all familiar with the process, but I think the issue was the the DSON step not fully supporting Gen8 or something like that.

    IOW - I'm pretty sure I remember someone announcing "victory" on Gen8 conversion and then giving a short "Eureka" explanation that makes it work.

  • @morkonan Thanks very much!